By Sara De Mola e Lily Rizzoli


Nii Morton: Nii is a 16-year-old from Guinea, Africa. He is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of his company, Vermo Reality, which promotes the use of virtual reality technology in the classrooms of Guinea. Vermo aims to help students recall what they learned in class, using virtual reality to make it easier for them to visualise this material.

Visual (spatial) learning is a learning style in which students are able to understand and retain information if they digest it visually rather than traditionally. Students who learn visually are more successful creatively and have higher special senses. According to Forbes, 65% of learners in the world identify as visual learners. Visual learners can struggle retaining information that they learn by reading textbooks or listening to lectures. The use of videos, drawings, or in this case, virtual reality, can be a turning point for visual students.

Sara Ferasat: Sara is a 28-year-old from Iran. She has earned her Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Design in Tehran. She owns and runs her own brand, Tiida, where she designs clothing.  She would like to internationalise her brand by improving her international connections and networking.

Women’s fashion in Iran has many different limitations. Women must cover their heads/hair, and in the past, women were expected to wear shapeless clothing and dress in drab colours. The latest trend for women in Iran is to use more colours in their wardrobe, to wear patterned hijabs, and wear more fitted clothing.

These two impressive and completely culturally diverse individuals can both be found at the Rome Business Game, one of the programmes under the International Careers Festival which is in its 10th year. Societal issues are presented to the participants of the programme. They must then come up with solutions to these conflicts. Dr. Luca Marco Giraldin von Lahnstein, who has a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management from EMLYON, has been the Director of the Business Game since 2014 and presented it during the Opening Ceremony. “This workshop is different from all the other simulations,” he said, “because there is not a single solution to the problem we give. We want to promote a 360° view of it [the problem.]”

Daniela Conte spoke to Team 4 reporters on the 10th anniversary of the festival and the Business Game specifically. Conte highlighted the importance of the intercultural background of the participants in the simulation. “If you want to work in an international company in the future, maybe you’re working with ten different nationalities, so you have to be very open minded.” Conte also described the ever growing nature of the festival and reminisced on the past ten years. “We started with just a small group of 200 people most of them were Italians.” Conte looks forward to this year’s festival. 


-          Team 4 - Rome Press Game

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Are you a student of international relations, diplomacy, political science, law? Do you want to work within UN institutions in the future? Do you wish to start getting experience but don't know how? Make your first step and participate in Diplomatic simulations of the UN.


Model UNs are programmes geared towards teaching students the work of the United Nations. Participants act as delegates of the Member States as they replicate the debates and discussions held within actual UN committees. The goal of this experience-based program is to find common and effective solutions on the agenda topics through the approval and signing of resolutions.

On 2010 Giovani nel Mondo launched one of the biggest MUN in the world the Rome Model United Nations and established a network of partnerships with other Model UN’s in the world so we are ready to invite you to participate in one of the following Model UN Projects:

  • SAIMUN (Sub Saharan International Model United Nations 2nd July -6th July  2018) is a five-day international relations simulation for both high school and university/college students that is held annually at the United Nations Office in Nairobi (UNON), Gigiri.
  • BIMUN (Babcock International Model United Nations 8th July - 13th July 2018) is a national initiative of young leaders to engage and energize young supporters around the work of the United Nations. It is the first Model United Nations in Nigeria organized by a private university and it is an internationally diverse Model United Nations Conference.
  • SLMUN (Sri Lanka Model United Nations August 31st – September 2nd 2018) marks 11 years of SLMUN being the prime forum for youth around Sri Lanka to voice out their opinions, debate and formulate solutions for global issues. For 11 years, SLMUN has united youth around the Island and around South Asia to tackle global issues in a diplomatic perspective and come to solutions with compromise. Understanding the pivotal role youth play in the future of this world, our theme for SLMUN 2018 is ‘Redefining Global Diplomacy’ which is aimed at the future generations of world leaders to think out of the box and engage together in diplomatic efforts, to try and achieve what others before them have not: a better and safer world.
  • IELMUN (31st August – 4th September 2018), is a Model United Nations conference for high school and university students, held in the 134-year-old high school, Istanbul (Erkek) Lisesi. IELMUN was the first and only conference to organize a trilingual conference (Turkish, German, English) in Turkey and one of the few in the world, in 2012, when our journey first began.


Please note, only ONE place is available for each project, that allows you to get Free conference fee and accommodation. The flight ticket and other costs are at your expense.

However, several places are reserved for our delegates with total fees at your personal expense.

In case of interest, please send an email with your updated cv at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and specify to which MUN you would like to participate.

Daniela Giugliano, collaborarice di Giovani nel Mondo ed esperta frequentatrice del mondo dei MUN (Model United Nations), ci racconta la sua esperienza al C'MUN di Barcellona:



Tutto ha avuto inizio quando Giovani nel Mondo mi ha comunicato la possibilità di partecipare al Catalunya Model United Nations nel mese di maggio. Mi precipito a prenotare il mio volo.

L’11 maggio mi ritrovo presso la sede di ANUE (Asociación para las Naciones Unidas en España). Ad accogliermi un badge con su scritto nome, Czech Republic, NATO, un abbonamento per i trasporti per il mio soggiorno e soprattutto tanti sorrisi! Non conosco nessuno, ma mi rendo conto da subito di quanto i MUN rappresentino un’unica grande famiglia ed in ANUE mi sento come a casa, così come con Giovani nel Mondo.

Il Parlamento di Catalunya ci ospita per la cerimonia di apertura dove conosciamo i nostri chairs e ci si scambia i primi sorrisi, le prime strette di mano tra un “where are you from?” ed un “in which committe are you?”. A seguire, un tour tra i luoghi inusuali della città, occasione per scambiare qualche chiacchiera, tant’è che mi ritrovo a cena con la delegazione dell’università di Marsiglia a mangiare tapas.

I giorni della simulazione sono stati intensi ed il livello del dibattito davvero alto. I temi discussi nel comitato NATO sono stati "The future of the organization in the current international order" e "The stabilization of Afghanistan: the fight against terrorism". Dopo tre giornate di lavoro e trattative, siamo riusciti a raggiungere il consenso e a far passare una risoluzione. Il tutto nella cornice del museo di scienze Cosmocaixa, nella splendida Barcellona. Per concludere in bellezza, la città ci ha regalato un magnifico tramonto in spiaggia come sfondo della cena nell’ultima notte da delegati del C’Mun.

Tornata a Napoli ho portato con me un bagaglio più pesante: tante nuove amicizie, l’amore per Barcellona, un viaggio da sola tra l’italiano, lo spagnolo, l’inglese ed il francese, e soprattutto la consapevolezza che questa generazione è fatta di tanti giovani che sanno in quale direzione portare il nostro futuro; last but not least la gratitudine per GnM per questa magnifica esperienza! Spero vivamente che sempre più studenti italiani vengano a conoscenza di queste realtà e abbiano così l'opportunità di mettersi alla prova e stare al passo con gli studenti di altri Paesi del mondo.


Daniela Giugliano

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By Cecilia Filaseta and Giorgia Battiato


The international careers festival has started! And what is better than starting with the Italian National Anthem? The Italian “Banda nazionale garibaldina” delights us with some traditional songs. After this beautiful beginning the Ceremony is directed by Luca Marco Giraldin von Lanhstein, the director of the business game.


Fabio Bisogni (Delegate for international relations of UNINT university) talks about the importance that UNINT pays to languages: “by choosing a language you are actually choosing a door”; a door that leads you to a different culture with its own traditions.
In addition, Fabio also emphasizes that the reason of this festival is to give students answers, to shape their professional journey and to create bridges between cultures and people.

After Marco’s speech is the turn of Mr Colombo from Tecnopolo that gives the participants his own experience. Tecnopolo said that “we have to create our own future”. Colombo uses a quote from Keynes to inspire the participants to challenge the past and make a concrete change.

Afterwards, Daniela Conte (Executive Director of the festival) explains the reason behind the creation of the Rome International Careers Festival. It was born to help students to understand that an international career is not only a dream but is actually possible. Daniela lists some skills that are strongly recommended but the key word is: Practice! “You must challenge yourself and take your time to think about what you truly want.” She said. Daniela believes that the real reason for being here is to discover ourselves and to answer our questions.

The is time for programs directors to introduce their activities.
Luca Marco Giraldin von Lanhstein as the Director of the Business Game focuses his attention on the crisis which brought about a need for a new approach driven by people instead of profit.
Ebenezer Essilfie Nyame (Director of the Rome Model United Nation) says how “everyone is important and one of a kind and that everyone bring something to the table”; thereby, encouraging us to celebrate diversity and different opinions. Ebenezer is so passionate about the topic that tells the participant a story to better explain it.
Last but not least, for the Press Game, Eleonora Mantovani. She reminds us of the importance of journalism as the only keeper of the truth.

To sum up, each speaker really believes in the power of the younger generation. They believe the young have many beautiful ideas that needs to be realized and they see in the Rome Internationals Careers Festival the chance to give students the right instruments to do it.




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