The International Careers Festival represents a unique opportunity for meetings and networking between institutions, companies, NGOs and the international organizations. A formidable experience designed for young people, based on work and internationality. In the next edition of the Festival, Giovani del Mondo, a non-profit association that is the creator of the event, will collaborate with (the also non-profit) Mondo Internazionale Association, whose mission perfectly embodies the values and objectives of the Festival. But what is Mondo Internazionale? What aims does it have and what are its activities?

Being young professionals today means betting on ourselves and on those around us with all the strength we have. Unfortunately, however, growing skills and abilities to become what you so desire is not always possible. The reasons are many, between the strong competition and the confusion that each of us has within ourselves in choosing a path.

We are born this way. A group of boys, eager to do more but without any help, putting themselves on the first line. Mondo Internazionale is born among the benches of a university with the aim of creating these opportunities and generating those skills that one day would have certainly found an outlet in the history of each of us. We were born as a non-profit association in December 2017 and, to date, we have created a community of more than 70 people from different parts of the world who actively collaborate within our structure, with the will to contribute to a dream: to realize one's life through active engagement. Create human capital. This is what we want to do.

Mondo Internazionale offers the opportunity to collaborate within an associative structure that is inspired by the organizational model of a company. Inside, there are various possibilities for cooperation in different sectors, each with its own office, from communication to legal aspects. This is precisely the first way to acquire the experience we are looking for within an officially recognized system.

However, our activities are manifold. Mondo Internazionale wants to contribute and be the creator of the personal realization of its members, as of all the people who want to commit for themselves and for the community.  In fact, our organization allows us to receive ideas directly from our members, which are then developed into real projects, allowing them to gain further experience within their specific sector. We call it "Creativity" but also "Innovation".

Our projects to date are the following: MIND–Nutrition Deal (Health, wellness, nutrition), Tra Scienza e Conoscenza (Medicine, technology, cybernetics), Framing the World (

Geopolitics, international journalism), TrattaMIBene (Gender equality), Sustainable Life (Agenda 2030, Smart Cities),  EuropEasy (European Union), AccadeOggi! (General knowledge), Aila MI Risponde (Instruction), Culturalmente Imparando (Intercultural dialogue), International Analysis (Geostrategic advisory), Japan2020 (Entrepreneurship, innovation).

Recently we started supporting the creation of realities abroad, particularly in Africa, opening two new associations in Cameroon and Nigeria, respectively Mondo Internazionale Cameroon and Mondo Internazionale Nigeria. Starting from them, we want to build a network of values and human connections able to contribute to the development of international professionalism and to the development of global communities. Because, as our motto describes: even if we are online, we love human connections.


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By Mondo Internazionale,

Written by Stefano Sartorio

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Hello! My name Maija Lepistö, and from October 2018 to March 2019 I have been an intern at the Giovani nel Mondo Association; within this article, I try to summarize my experience in these months as preparing an international-scale event, organized by a small-scale association with a team full of passion.

First of all, it was an amazing experience to carry out this 4-day-event with over 800 participants and 50 staff members.

The basis of the successful outcome of the event is to rely on people who give so much of themselves to make the best out of the International Careers Festival.

It was interesting to get to know more and more people who were pulling the logistical strings behind the festival.

The event seemed far away when I started, and even one week before the festival there were still things to be done, but one week seemed long enough to do everything.

My internship started right away. I got my own email address and was asked right away to dive into getting more collaborators and supporters for our event.

When I started working, I found it interesting to see how I worked in a day-to-day job when “always doing the same”, meaning working on a pc and in a virtual world from 10AM to 6PM every day.

But it was not monotone, because the tasks changed a lot during the whole internship.

First it was important to get more sponsors and supporters for our event, so I started to get in touch with universities and other supporters which helped me becoming more demanding and more confident to promote our event.  

During the festival, I received some feedback that me having sent out information about our event was a fruitful activity. In fact, some participants told me that they heard about the event by an ad, initiated by me.

The amount and content of my work changed a lot during the six months I was preparing the event from being proactive in contacting collaborators to theoretical and mechanical work to structure the participants.

Additionally, I really enjoyed the small moments of being active at events (promotion events at universities) to spend time with colleagues and to work “on the field”.

I learned to manage multiple tasks, see which ones were really urgent and which ones could be managed later.

Also, I was able to see that my tasks were of the same importance as any other tasks of anyone else. That gave me confidence in what I was doing.

During the preparation phase I was in charge of helping participants with the registration, sending out a bunch of emails, being in contact with the tutors and officials of each project making sure, everyone had all the necessary documents to apply for the visa. But moreover, I also learned something new every day by the participants who had a lot of questions and also concerns. I supported them with information about simple things like the dress code or the weather forecast, but also I prepared different documents and tried to give them support on every possible subject.

Even though I felt well-prepared for the festival that lasted only 4 days, it was nothing like I expected. I did everything where I could help. From finding lost phones, helping lost participants, hosting ambassadors, to sewing on buttons and negotiating with taxi drivers. I met in person many people with whom I have been in touch for several months via email and messages, and it was a huge pleasure on both sides. .

Despite having really busy days during the festival, I managed to make a lot of new friends.

Many people showed me their appreciation of my work for the past months. An important skill that I deepened during the festival was flexibility. Even though we had plans and lists, there were a lot of things that weren’t to be expected and needed to be dealt with on the spot.

Patience is also a big word that I can appreciate more now. In combination with stamina.


In retrospective, I have to say, that a little more concrete time scale would have been helpful to know better how to manage the many tasks or when it was time to finalize the documents that were needed. But in the end, the festival turned out great and me and my colleagues were happy to have spent time in the magical city of Rome! We were already planning on how to prepare the next edition. I have the feeling, that if you become part of the Giovani nel Mondo family, you are in it to stay.

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Hi everyone!


My name is Nikola and I come from Croatia. From October 2016 until the end of March 2017 I was an Erasmus+ trainee at the Giovani nel Mondo Association’s headquarters in Rome, Italy. One of the last assignments I was given was to write something about this experience. I hope you’ll find it motivating and inspiring and that it will encourage you to look for a similar experience yourself.


The whole experience started when I decided to look for a traineeship abroad. It was a moment in my life when there were only a few months until my graduation day and I was looking for something to do next. I wanted some practical experience, I wanted something that can help me transition into the world of job hunting. So after all the emails that I had sent and when I almost lost all hope that I will find anything on time I received a positive reply. Roberta, now a dear friend and a former colleague of mine, asked me if we could set up a Skype interview. I remember that it was to take place on Thursday. The interview went pretty well and after filling out the proper paperwork I was ready to set off.


I worked in the International Relations Office and my main job was to help spread the word about the International Careers Festival by calling universities and other organizations worldwide. I think I made a million calls. Well, maybe not a million but I think the phone bill was pretty high. “Hi, do you speak English?” became my most famous phrase that everyone in the office knew about. At times, I felt like a parrot . Besides that, I helped our applicants with any problems they experienced during the registration process and with their visa applications. It was good to know that you contributed and helped others, especially when they come to you and sincerely thank you.


Most importantly, I worked with an amazing team! Every day people from different backgrounds met in one place to create something great. It was truly inspiring to be a part of it and to learn and grow personally and professionally.


At the end of this experience I can say that I have acquired new knowledge and experience I previously didn’t have. I improved my English and I improved my Italian. I am now half Italian. I developed my communication and my teamwork skills. I can also say that I have met some amazing people I will remember for the rest of my life. Saying goodbye to them was the hardest thing I had to do during this traineeship.


To wrap things up, it was an enjoyable and fulfilling experience I will never forget. And if you still have doubts about doing it yourself, throw them out the window and just do it!


Nikola Jurak


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