Meet our editors of carriereinternazionali.com: Valentina Murace

Hi everyone! My name is Valentina Murace, I am 25 and I would like to tell you something
about myself and the most relevant intercultural experiences I have lived so far.
Since I was in high school, intercultural communication has been one of the main topics I
really felt in my bones. I was fascinated by the role of the interpreter, a person who is able to
help people communicate in a way that it could not be otherwise. As a result, I decided to
continue my studies focusing on languages and intercultural mediation, German and English
in particular, given that my dream was to become an ambassador. During these years, I also
had the chance to live an incredible international experience in Saint Petersburg, Russia, with
a Summer school scholarship granted by the Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic
University. It goes without saying that I had the time of my life since such an experience
forces you to think outside the box and overcome your limits as well, both in terms of being
able to go beyond your own culture and to understand that living with people from all over
the world will enrich your view of the world and yourself as human being. After graduating
in German literature, I attended a course in Interpreting and Translation in order to have an
in-depth view of this fascinating and demanding environment, although I realized that I
wanted to steer my academic background a little bit towards a greater understanding of
NGOs, International Organizations and Development Cooperation, given my previous 5-year
experience as part of the Italian Civil Protection.
I must say that I have been very lucky to come across the work of the Giovani nel Mondo
Association since I had the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in this sector. In fact, I
took part in the Press Game and the International Careers Course two years in a row, given
the international nature of these amazing initiatives, which I highly recommend to anyone. It
has been a very relevant experience for my academic career since I eventually decided to
enrol in the Master’s degree course in Economics and International Management at UNINT
in Rome, which I am currently attending.
Thanks to this course and the many professionals coming from the main international
organizations such as NATO, the WB and the IMF, I have the possibility to gain practical
experience with respect to project management, disaster response and recovery as well as
other activities and tasks performed by NGOs, CSOs and private sector actors.
As part of the editorial staff of carriereinternazionali.com, I am honoured to help young
students or recent graduates to find out job and internship opportunities which will help them
boost their CV and build their international careers. Indeed, I was very happy to find out that
I could be part of such an admirable initiative, from which I have benefited for a long time in
the first place. Therefore, I will give my contribution to improving this service for you to the
extent possible.

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