Don’t miss this opportunity, seize the time! Work for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain

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Organization: Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB) fosters awareness of and support for democracy and human rights in Bahrain and the Middle East. Their work: in their communities, they raise awareness of key issues by hosting events with an emphasis on bringing speakers from the Bahraini-American community and from Bahrain to the US to meet with lawmakers, US government officials, and other non-profit organizations. In the non-profit sector, they work closely with other leading human rights organizations in the US, Bahrain, and Europe to strengthen advocacy efforts.In Congress and the executive branch, they develop relationships with key legislative representatives and government officials to create sustainable improvements in US foreign policy that support and strengthen human rights in Bahrain. Internationally, they work with activists and non-governmental organizations to raise awareness of the human rights situation in Bahrain among UN officials, state representatives to the UN, and European parliament leaders. In the media, they work to increase awareness of the human rights situation in Bahrain by promoting and distributing news and information regarding events taking place within Bahrain, and by serving as a source of expertise in interviews and in written publications. In Bahrain, they support the work of leaders in the democracy and human rights movement by facilitating connections between them and US policymakers, other government officials, and leading non-profit organizations in the US


Duty Station: Washington, DC


Open to: Everyone with all the qualifications


Timeframe: 9 months


Deadline: Not specified


Job description: Communications Fellows will:

- develop and implement the communications and media strategy for ADHRB and its organizational initiatives

- manage ADHRB’s media relations and communications, including the website, weekly newsletter, and social media accounts

- effectively strategize with ADHRB staff to disseminate key institutional deliverables—reports, op-eds, press releases, policy briefs—to appropriate media outlets and other relevant audience

- edit, package, and place op-eds and assist as needed in the drafting and editing of other written products to maintain publicity goals

- manage media requests, including electronic media, television, radio, print, and other general press inquiries

- develop and oversee, in coordination with staff, special projects requiring press or marketing, including campaigns, videos, and other multimedia

- manage production of all marketing and promotional materials for ADHRB

- advise on strategic messaging and long-term planning

- copyedit and revise all communications as needed

- recommend and maintain website design and operation to optimize functionality

- track and document analytics for all media and communications platforms in order to develop strategies on how best to grow outreach

- perform administrative and other duties as required

- manage interns as needs require

Qualifications: The ideal candidate will:

-  have a recent M.A. in communications or a related field

- demonstrate excellent writing, editorial, oral communication, and presentation skills

- show versatility in writing for all media platforms

- possess highly adept skills in managing multiple social media accounts, especially Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

- exhibit the skills necessary for maintaining and enhancing webpages to promote readership

- have experience with creating multimedia products and social media promotion

- be an adept team player with excellent interpersonal skills

- work well under deadline

- be able to commit to 40 hours/week for ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­9 months of employment

Wage/fees: The Communications Fellowship is a paid fellowship position. ADHRB is happy to host fellows that may receive additional outside funding from third-party grants or fellowships


Application process: To apply, please email:

- your resume or CV

- a cover letter

- a writing sample (10 pages max.)

- a list of three professional references, which identify their relationship to you and contact information

Please send your application materials to jobs[at] with “Communications Fellow” in the subject line


Useful links:



Contact information:

Contact ADHRB

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Ready to take part to EVS? It will be an unic experience in Belgium with other young volunteers like you. What are you waiting for? Apply now


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Organization: De witch works with young adolescent girls between 15 and 18 years old that are confrontated with several problems (behaviour, family, social, sometimes psychatric, school.... They try to find out very individually for each girl and her family context what is the best way to get their life back on the rails, where they still have some power to take their life back in their own hands. Besides help and therapy they want to give them a house/place where they can participate at a lot of attractive activities that aren't related to their problems (music workshop, painting, horses an other animals...), and so they can have positive experiences


Duty Station: Sint-Pieters-Rode (Holsbeek), Belgium


Open to: Everyone with all the qualifications


Timeframe: Almost 6 months


Deadline: Selections are done in November and December each year


Job description: De Switch are waiting volunteers like you: you can take part to EVS. The volunteer will help young girls in the daily tasks like cooking, taking care of the house shopping, evening activities and during shoolvacations day activities or going on camp. During the day all youngsters have their program, main work happens in the evenings and wednesday afternoon. In the first month the volunteer will get some preparation about life in the project, language course, working in a team and living together with other volunteers. In September the volunteer will take part in an on arrival training organized by the National agency and in January again in the mid term training. During the year the project is providing some language support to learn Duetch and coaching moments for personal learning and understanding of philosophy of the work



- have social skills to communicate, get in contact with the youngsters through his/her tasks on the project

- mature enough to deal with, get along with non-motivated youngsters with behaviour problems

- able to organise work by yourself, taking initiative for own projects and activities to develop

- open minded and willing to discuss and think together with the team about your dealing with the youngsters and task

- able to live in rural setting (not in a city, nearest city Leuven is 12km)


Wage/fees: The volunteer will live in a house near to the project(app 2km) together with other EVS volunteers. It is located in a small village. The volunteer will have a room that he/she can lock with a key. Bathroom and kitchen are in common with other volunteers. Terras and outside places are in common with another project. The volunteer is getting a food budget to arrange his food outside the work hours. During work the volunteer has lunch in the project. The volunteer will get a bike to go to the project, the shop, the bus or train station. A bus card is provided to travel with the bus to the city


Application process: Send us an email with your motivation letter within the subject EVS Molenmoes and we will send you an application form.

Once we got the application form, we will get in contact as soon as we start selections and we need more information


Useful links:

De Switch Homepage

Open call


Contact information:

Gravenstraat 54

3220 Sint-Pieters-Rode (Holsbeek)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

016 / 44 19 32

016 / 25 24 95

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Do you aim to work in the field of international cooperation? HOOPERU is seeking a social work assistant! Give your contribute to their overseas programs and help families who live in extremely poor conditions.


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Organization: HOOPERU was founded in 2012 as a registered Peruvian non-profit organisation working in partnership with the community to create a lasting impact by providing free education, social and health programs. HOOPERU works closely with Flora Tristán English School since 2008 with the aim to offer a popular service in the community and had a steady intake of children. Although HOOPERU is a small organization it continues to grow ever since and provide a great help to families who live in extremely poor conditions by organizing after-school program, saturday club, workshops per week about health, women’s empowerment, community development, and accessing employment. On top of this, they offer free psychological counselling and social services to individuals in need of extra support, and it works with local and international health professionals to deliver free health services and check-ups


Duty Station: Perù


Open to: Candidates interested in volunteering abroad


Timeframe: The start date is February 2017, from Monday to Friday, six hours per day for six months


Deadline: Not mentioned


Job Description: As HOOP’s Social Work Assistant, successful candidate will form a key part of HOOP’s Social Work team. He/She will be involved in managing and assisting in HOOP’s wide-ranging social services in the community such as:

- research activities, plan and attend community workshops

- attend home visits with the Social Worker

- create and implement community surveys

- analyze and evaluate survey data, and write up social reports

- assist the Social Worker by giving constructive feedback and ideas on HOOP’s Social Work programs


Qualification: Applicants should have the following qualifications:

- a qualification in social work (or working towards it) required

- experience working with vulnerable people

- fluent or intermediate Spanish speaker

- fluent in English

- good data analysis and statistical skills, and good knowledge of basic data analysis tools such as Microsoft Excel

- enjoy working both in the field as well as in the office

- be a reliable and punctual member of the team

- be empathetic and culturally sensitive


Wage/Fees: Remuneration is not provided / Interns and volunteers must pay a one-off admin fee of $250


Application process: Candidates must send their cv and a cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Useful Links:

Link at the call

See other vacancies at: Link


Contact information:

HOOP Office, Quinta Gamero B-2, Cayma,

Arequipa, Peru

Flora Tristan English School,

Flora Tristan, Villa Fontana,

Arequipa, Peru

Edited by Marta Della Monaca

The editorial staff of is not responsible nor liable for the reliability of the information contained in this article. If you want any further information concerning this vacancy, please contact the proposing organization.

The Staff

If you want to leave for a special experience as a volunteer, read this article on the 24 internships offered by ELI. It is looking for different type of professional and there 
are a lot of field in which ELI needs your help. Find your position and go abroad!

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Organization: ELI's full name, Experiential Learning International, reflects the philosophy of the organization. ELI believes that the most compelling life lessons come through experience, and that international experiences are among the most profound influences on its sense of self and its view of the world. ELI sees learning as a lifelong journey: participants have ranged in age from 18 to 82 and come from all over the world. To date ELI has had participants from 44 countries! Many of the volunteers have gone on to work in the non-profit sector, or even form their own foundations


For further similar opportunity consult the section International Organisations


Duty Station: Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America


Open to: Not specified, but most of the Stage Opportunities requires experiences


Timeframe: All the details are specified in each offer


Deadline: Open


Job description: ELI offers internships in 24 countries, but the widest selection can be found in Ireland, China, South Africa, Brazil, and France.

How do you search for an internship?
Search by country, using the Locations menu, or if you would rather search by field of work, consult the table on this page.

Don't see what you want? Ask to ELI that will be able to arrange what you need


Qualifications: All the details are specified in each offer


Wage/fees:  All internships are unpaid except in China, where interns often receive a modest stipend that covers their accommodations.


Application process: Go on the internship page you choosed and click on “Apply”. Then follow the instructions


Useful links:

Link of the opportunity

ELI web site



Contact information:

Phone: 303-321-8278
Skype: ELIPrograms
Mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Edited by Sara Candido


The editorial staff of is not responsible nor liable for the reliability of the information contained in this article. If you want any further information concerning this vacancy, please contact the proposing organization



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