The International Careers Festival represents a unique opportunity for meetings and networking between institutions, companies, NGOs and the international organizations. A formidable experience designed for young people, based on work and internationality. In the next edition of the Festival, Giovani del Mondo, a non-profit association that is the creator of the event, will collaborate with (the also non-profit) Mondo Internazionale Association, whose mission perfectly embodies the values and objectives of the Festival. But what is Mondo Internazionale? What aims does it have and what are its activities?

Being young professionals today means betting on ourselves and on those around us with all the strength we have. Unfortunately, however, growing skills and abilities to become what you so desire is not always possible. The reasons are many, between the strong competition and the confusion that each of us has within ourselves in choosing a path.

We are born this way. A group of boys, eager to do more but without any help, putting themselves on the first line. Mondo Internazionale is born among the benches of a university with the aim of creating these opportunities and generating those skills that one day would have certainly found an outlet in the history of each of us. We were born as a non-profit association in December 2017 and, to date, we have created a community of more than 70 people from different parts of the world who actively collaborate within our structure, with the will to contribute to a dream: to realize one's life through active engagement. Create human capital. This is what we want to do.

Mondo Internazionale offers the opportunity to collaborate within an associative structure that is inspired by the organizational model of a company. Inside, there are various possibilities for cooperation in different sectors, each with its own office, from communication to legal aspects. This is precisely the first way to acquire the experience we are looking for within an officially recognized system.

However, our activities are manifold. Mondo Internazionale wants to contribute and be the creator of the personal realization of its members, as of all the people who want to commit for themselves and for the community.  In fact, our organization allows us to receive ideas directly from our members, which are then developed into real projects, allowing them to gain further experience within their specific sector. We call it "Creativity" but also "Innovation".

Our projects to date are the following: MIND–Nutrition Deal (Health, wellness, nutrition), Tra Scienza e Conoscenza (Medicine, technology, cybernetics), Framing the World (

Geopolitics, international journalism), TrattaMIBene (Gender equality), Sustainable Life (Agenda 2030, Smart Cities),  EuropEasy (European Union), AccadeOggi! (General knowledge), Aila MI Risponde (Instruction), Culturalmente Imparando (Intercultural dialogue), International Analysis (Geostrategic advisory), Japan2020 (Entrepreneurship, innovation).

Recently we started supporting the creation of realities abroad, particularly in Africa, opening two new associations in Cameroon and Nigeria, respectively Mondo Internazionale Cameroon and Mondo Internazionale Nigeria. Starting from them, we want to build a network of values and human connections able to contribute to the development of international professionalism and to the development of global communities. Because, as our motto describes: even if we are online, we love human connections.


Write us or visit us here at

By Mondo Internazionale,

Written by Stefano Sartorio

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Welcome you, dear future participants of the International Career Course 2020

I'm very excited to invite you to join this opportunity to train yourself as a professional and as a human being. Be part of this experience will give you a new great opportunity to prepare and adequate your professional profile for the challenge of the future international career that is waiting for you. 

Networking hub, softs skills, hard skills, knowledge, intercultural context, out of the box thinkers: all of that and more is what you will found in this young human surge reunited in Rome and committed by an ideal of common better future. 

During the days of the course, you will able to meet with teachers, coachings, and professionals that will allow you to improve your skills and fully understand the dynamics, the rules, and the world labor context to start a gratifying international career. 

The context of the International Careers Festival offers us the possibility to link, build new partnerships and share our feelings, ideas, and path. It is not just an international course, it is not just an international meeting. It is a great opportunity to listen, to learn from others point of view and to imagine ourself in different challenges around the world. 

To start an international career path, commitment and training are needed, also are talent and capacity to adapt yourself to different situations. But this experience will give you more than lessons, more than advice and good practicing. This experience will give you a chance to allow you to imagine a new version of yourself. A better one.

Remember what Ben Herbster said: "The greatest waste in the world is the difference between what we are and what we could become." 

We look forward to meeting all of you in march  2020. 

Lets new path begins!

Diego Battistessa
Director, International Career Course 2020

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Giovani nel Mondo has interviewed the protagonists of the 10th edition of the International Careers Festival. Do you want to know their experience? Read the article and get to know them!

This year, the International Careers Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary, confirming a successful record of this international event which allows young students from all over the world to challenge themselves and to live a unique experience in the charming Italian city of Rome. Such a remarkable success would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and the commitment of the dynamic youth that work behind the scene of the ICF. We have met some of the key figures that contribute to the realization of the four projects of the Festival: the RomeMUN, the Press Game, the Business Game and the International Careers Course. Here are their stories and their advice for a successful international career.


Luca Marco Giraldin von Lahnstein –Business Game Director, Executive Committee

Successful entrepreneur in the Food and Luxury sector and with professional experience in marketing, managerial and strategic consulting, Luca Marco is the creator and director of the Business Game, as well as a member of the Executive Committee of the International Careers Festival. His collaboration with GnM began in 2011 and since then his contribution has become more and more concrete, coming to the design of the Business Game that this year will see its third edition. Luca in fact wanted to bring his experience within the festival to help young people interested in following a professional path in the business area to understand how "to have the freedom to choose their own future, to realize it according to their ambitions, with courage, dedication and receiving adequate gratifications. This is success" What is the reason for including the Business Game within the Festival? Because in an increasingly international and competitive reality, young people cannot limit themselves to academic knowledge but need to develop soft skills, better if in an association like the GnM. Today Luca continues his entrepreneurial adventure thanks to a new challenge in the United States with the launch of the "Patavini" brand, a food boutique and a laboratory for the production of fresh pasta in the heart of New York. The secret that made his initiative competitive? An in-depth analysis of the American market in the field of food production and distribution, together with a correct positioning in the distribution channels and a constant tension towards excellence. If you want to acquire these competences, the Business Game is the right opportunity for you, apply here!


Jorge Alejandro González Galicia - Deputy Director

Jorge is a young professional of Mexican-Guatemalan origins who has participated for many years at the International Careers Festival and this year will play the role of Deputy Director. Excellent communicator, his biggest dream is to give voice to his ideas to create a positive impact in society. The reason that motivated Jorge to join the GnM team is "the opportunity that represents an organization like GnM: connecting young people through the power of dialogue and diplomacy". Over the years, GnM has allowed him to get in touch with thousands of people from all over the world who, like him, are determined to overcome contemporary global challenges. Jorge told to us that he traveled a lot more with his new international friends than he ever did with his fellow students or his colleagues, "it's funny because you would never imagine that someone living more than 100 kilometers away from you can share so much with you, and in so many different ways ". Do you share his same aspirations? Take part to the 10th edition of the Festival, apply here!


Alina Barsamyan - Under Secretary General RomeMUN             
Alina Barsamyan is a girl of Armenian origin who has lived abroad since the age of 7 and this year will serve as Under Secretary General of RomeMUN. Student of International Relations at King's College London, as Jorge also Alina has participated in many editions of the Festival and she looks forward to seeing the tenth edition that already promises to be "biggest and better than ever". Alina told us that this year the MUN Secretariat has worked hard to include new committees and controversial topics "We hope to ensure that the delegates collect the best possible memories from this anniversary edition and keep returning as we have in the past", she added. The strength of the RomeMUN Secretariat is the multiculturalism that contributes to making the Festival truly international. "In an era of rapid globalization, we must take into account how extremely interconnected we are, irrespective of global disposition.” This is why a successful MUN must celebrate diversity in all its forms and make use of differences to educate on new cultures, traditions and lifestyles. Do you want to join this multicultural team? Apply here!


Shanthi Kodituwakku - Press Game Program Director  

Multiculturalism is also the word that best describes Shanthi, the Press Game Program Director. Shanti has mixed Italian-Sri Lankan origin but she has always felt to belong to the whole world rather than to a single culture. Before arriving in Messina, where she works for a web radio, Shanthi has traveled to England, Italy, India, Sri Lanka and Mexico, living in contact with different cultures. From this experience Shanthi realized that she wanted to give voice to what she had seen. For this reason, she decided to study journalism and join the GnM team choosing the path offered by the Press Game. "Following a course of study based on journalism and communication, the Press Game was immediately the project that I felt most suitable for me," Shanthi told us. The fundamental value of the Festival, according to Shanthi, is to fill the gap existing in Italy between universities and the professional world: "Universities should act as a bridge bringing young people to the world of work, but if this is true for a few universities, it remains a utopia for others ". In a globalized world, it would be impossible to imagine life without information... or the Festival without the Press Game! Do you agree? Then apply now and bring your voice to the ICF!


Ebenezer Essilfie-Nyame - Scientific Committee

Ebenezer is a young professional who works with the FAO Regional Office for Africa and is a member of the Festival's scientific committee. According to his experience, to understand what is your best way within the vast world of international careers it is important to follow your passions, specialize in a field and dedicate your with commitment to refine your own skills. The International Careers Festival is the best platform to explore different career paths in a multicultural environment. "Through the ICF, participants are taught fundamentals of diplomacy, public speaking, marketing, leadership, and negotiation. Additionally, through the mentoring from highly accomplished individuals and diplomats, participants are not only able to network with over 100 different nationalities, they also have the opportunity to learn from highly experienced experts in the field of international relations". Ebenezer also told us about the importance of the Festival for young people coming from African countries, an internationally reputable event that offers young talents from its continent the opportunity to be known and to cultivate the fundamental values of the Festival for those who could be leaders of African institutions in the next few years.


What are you waiting for? Start your international career with this amazing opportunity. The International Career Festival is waiting for you! To apply, click here.

Is the world of communication and journalism your passion?

From the 9th to the 12th of March you will have the opportunity to participate as a tutor at the Rome Press Game 2019 edition. This unique event organised by the Giovani nel Mondo Association will come alive during the International Careers Festival, annually located in Italy’s magnificent capital.


As the first simulation in the world of its kind, the Rome Press Game rotates around the world of international journalism, offering young minds from all over the globe first hand experiences in a professional environment.

Those who will be selected as tutors will be allocated to one of the Rome Press Game activities, focused on the most important spheres of the communication sector and of the information industry: news writing, radio, television, translation and interpretation. It will be your responsibility to mentor the participants as they face challenging tasks during the four days of the event.


As a tutor you will be required to prepare the necessary teaching material for the participants, collaborate with the Program Director and Executive Director in preparation for the event.

Requirements for television, radio and news writing tutor positions


-Previous experience in a similar simulation in Italy or abroad

- In -depth knowledge of the English language (minimum level C1) as this will be the main language   spoken during the whole event

- Ability to organise time and meet all deadlines

- Knowledge of any of the following languages: French, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese

- Good researching capacity
- Previous experiences a tutor/mentor

- Bachelor's degree, preferably in communication, languages, interpretation, translation, letters, journalism and political sciences
- Preferably some knowledge of the WordPress and Joomla web platforms

- Preferably some experience in either television, radio or written journalism


Requirements for translation and interpretation tutors


- Language proficiency and experienc in translation  (both interpretation and written translation)
- Patience and diligence (very important traits for written translation)
- Ability to organise time and meet all deadlines
- Sociability and self-control (interpretation)
- Abilities in fact-checking



Selected tutors will receive the following benefits:

-Free participation at the Festival

-Accommodation and meals in the official hotel of the event

- Partial reimbursement of trip expenses to and from Rome

- Final Certificate


Check some of the work done during the previous Rome Press Game!

Radio podcast

International Careers Festival Rome 2018 – Where talent meets opportunity (article)

The fil rouge that connects us all: Human Rights in the International Careers Festival (article)

TG Rome Press Game 2018


How to Apply: Send your CV in english at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by September 2nd 2018. Selected ones will be interviewed via Skype.


Information and Contacts

Giovani nel Mondo

Tel: +39 0689019538

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

International Careers Festival website

Rome Press Game website


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