The important issues of the planet

The important issues of the planet

During the International Careers Festival, the Deputy Permanent of Ireland, Damien Kelly, responsible for developing and managing relationships with partner institutions in European and International locations, was one the guests.

As members of the Rome Press Game, one of the fiv eprojects of this festival, we had the occasion to ask him some questions, before his speech at the conference.  He spoke about this festival as a great opportunity for students to absorb a lot of information, but the only conditions is to have the curiosity to discover new things. People should not be afraid of asking questions, because this is the only way to remove all thei rdoubts. 

He also spoke about  the fundamental role of Ireland, in the context of  the International cooperation among the States of United Nations.  In addition to this, he underlined the importance of  obbligations, that each State has,  to support development countries.

Furthermore, he suggested new generations to  travell and to study abroad in order to develop their skills and to give themselves a challenge.

During the conference, he introduced the role of Faoas a system of international goals. The major challenges for this world organization are to face hunger, poverty and climate change.

But how can Ireland achieve these goals?  It is necessary a radical transformation, referring planet, peace and partnership. Another big rolecould be played by agricolture.  Sustainable production will require agriculture for the development of local ecosystems and the prevention of climate changes.

Another issue Fao has to deal with is the condition of poor farmers, that requires a crucial investment to develop the potential of small production. Tecnology is really important for the improvement of  the agricultural development efficiency.

Shortly,  it is necessary to try evertything possible in order to address the climate change. The contribution of talking is important for the success of these plans, because it is the beginning of International agreement and action.

The Fao’s responsability is that of supporting resolutions through the International agreement. In this way it becomes possible to make significant progress in reducing pollution and water conservation.

The fundamental questions is the following: “how can we use less energy in order to make the resources more efficient?” “What can we do in order to  support developing coutries, suchas Somalia?”. That’s the challenge for an international community.

Another important solution is the food education, that implies the respect of cultural diversity, by producing etnichally appropriate food. In conclusion, he confirmed the role of technology,by mentioning drones as an example of advanced technology that is making agricolture more productive.

This is how Damiel Kelly ended his speech, inspiring all the International students who took part in the conference, and encouragingthem to contribuite to this challenge.

Lavinia De Santis e Silvia Cortese


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