Mandela Day. Nelson Mandela: the troublemaker in the name of freedom

Now more than ever is really important remember the work of a great historical figure that has fought for his ideas: Nelson Mandela.

In an age where boundaries among Countries are becoming deep ruts that mark humanity, where differences among cultures and people are drawn as a wave of threat for the integrity of a Country, where social and ethnic prejudices reign supreme, is our duty remember who has fought for human rights, against racism and segregation, in favour of peace and equality.

Declared in 2009 by United Nations, Mandela Day is celebrated every 18 th of July, birthday of the South African activist.
Patient and determined man, Nelson Mandela was the symbol of anti-racism: he became the first black head of state of South Africa, he was the leader of anti-apartheid and thanks to him his Country became free and democratic.
While he was serving his life sentence in jail caused by his membership to the African National Congress, “Nalson Mandela Free” was shouted by many anti-apartheid activists.

In 1990 complaints were so powerful that freedom was restored to the one who lived and defended freedom.
In 1993, at the age of 74, Nelson Mandela won Nobel Peace Prize, not until received Sakharov Freedom of Tought Prize in 1998 and Lenin Peace Prize in 1990.

The name given at his birth was actually Rolihlahla that means “troublemaker” and not Nelson, given later at elementary school.
And after all, he caused trouble to the white domination government of South Africa, making people free from prejudice and evil, teaching the importance the defence of freedom of thought.

«I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society.»


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