Get to know the association Mondo Internazionale through the words of its associates and partners

Mondo Internazionale leaves the floor to its associates and partners, to better explain what it is now and what it could be tomorrow. Being aware that without them, nothing will be possible, we are now presenting you Stefano Cavallari, in charge of the project “Tra Scienza e Conoscenza” (“Between Science and Knowledge”), Francesca Locatelli, in charge of the project “MIND-Nutrition Deal” and Isabella Poretti, in charge of the project “TrattaMI Bene” (“TreatMI Well”).

Stefano: I am a second-year student of Political Sciences and International Relations. I am currently an associate and the person in charge for the project "Tra Scienza e Conoscenza” (Between Science and Knowledge), mainly dealing with the organization and the project's advertising activities, among which the drafting of articles and posts then uploaded on our social network channels are just an example. For a long time, I believed that change can, and should, start from young people, as the future ruling class and I am increasingly convinced that Mondo Internazionale is giving me this opportunity. It is a young association created for young people, whose main purpose is to disseminate information and promote training activities through journalistic articles, initiatives by members, conferences, events and so on. I decided to join the Association precisely because of these characteristics and finally I found myself working in a stimulating environment and with incredible people who are making me grow up professionally, but also humanly, and it is not a characteristic that should be underestimated.

Francesca: The mixture of different food cultures and behaviours in a globalized context linked with the importance of a correct diet and to the overall increasing attention to the nutritional field brought MIND-Nutritional Deal project to life. This said, we three nutritional-biologists, Maria Parisi, Francesca Locatelli and Federica Mascaretti aim to spread the knowledge of other cultures’ nutritional peculiarities and to sensitize the population to a healthy diet. Both, we believe, are the most important themes to be addressed to clarify an often difficult and obscure field, characterized by myths and misleading beliefs. It is an involving and electrifying experience through which we want to communicate our common enthusiasm and passion in taking part to this project.

Isabella: Thanks to Mondo Internazionale, my team and I achieved in finding a space in which we could collaborate and create an important project for us. We found someone able to give voice to our ideas, a window on other people lives. The project of which I am in charge, TrattaMI Bene (TreatMI Well), It has been a good start for me and my colleagues to give our opinion on a fundamental matter for us.

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