News from ICF: How to change the world with Rome Model United Nations

By Selene Lovecchio e Alessio Colombo


In a world in which we are still fighting racism, criminal organizations and violence, there are people all around the world who care about this kind of problems. There are people who want to stand for human rights in order to embrace a respectful world. It’s all about multi-culturalism.

The world is full of young people who don’t know where they can voice their opinions. Rome MUN is a safe space to do just that and get your voice heard.

Rome MUN stands for Rome Model United Nations. It is a simulation of the United Nations General Assembly. Each participant assumes the role of a delegate of a member country of the United Nations and represents that country in one of the UN organizations. The delegate must represent the positions of his country, writing resolutions and comparing them with other country’s members through debate and voting.

This event is an important way to be pioneers of a new generation who don’t allow their fears to hold them back. In a job like this, diversity has to be appreciated. Diversity helps creativity, it develops our intellects and empowers connection between people coming from different cultures and societies.

Every participant has a story, a reason that makes their hearts beat. Pedro Jesus is Brazilian who lives in Portugal. He seems to have a clear path for his life career. He studies law, in order to have a base that can help him better understand the political and social issues of the world. "We have to study the position of our country. Rome MUN reaches people from all over the world. It’s a rich experience that opens the opportunity to shed light on different cultures and points of views of different problems."

A mixture of different cultures leads to different choices. We found out particular reasons why the participants joined the simulation. “Before I was a shy person, unable to speak in public, but now I feel fit in front of people and I’m more confident,” said Henrique Gomes. He is representing the Dominican Republic at Rome MUN 2019 because it is the most representative country in human rights. He came here moved by a desire to improve his personality.

Tuqa, a brand new graduate from Sudan said she wanted to boost her career by participating in this programme. She is following her dreams but also has a cultural outlook. “I’m interested in diplomacy and international democracy. I graduated one year ago and I want to shift my career. I want to try this experience, expecting to understand more about international security. I want to be a diplomat and to work in the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs in Sudan not only out of personal ambition but also because this kind of work is really appreciated in my country.”

Francesco, from Italy, chose to represent Ukraine in crime prevention “I heard of the events from a promoter who got me to participate. It is not the first time for me and I’m sure this will be an unforgettable experience.”

These young people show us that we are all human beings facing the same problems, the same fears and insecurity. Only by leaving them behind and focusing on something bigger, like helping the world become a better place, can we change. Being open-minded, being able to make every place our home makes us understand that this modern society is less pre-determined than it was in the past. Multi-culturalism is the answer.

-          Team 4 -  Rome Press Game

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