Participants Hopes for the 10th International Careers Festival

By Annamaria Elia and Jasmine Zennaro

A room full of hopes from around the world. That is how we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the International Careers Festival today (March 8th 2019) and diversity the key word that filled the air in a positive and empowering way.

The main idea of the programme is to allow young people to get involved in a simulation of an international career and practice how it is working within a multicultural context.

Walking around in the crowded room between the excited chattering of the participants, we got to hear their expectations and opinions.

“We are excited to meet new people and new cultures,” said a participant from Germany, while another participant said, “I’m here to improve my experience and to win the Best delegate prize!”

Silence in the room. A beautiful voice marks the beginning of the event. An array of interesting speakers are lined up at the front. Their inspiring speeches fired up the room. First up was Dr Lorenzo Fioramonti, Deputy Minister, who inspired everyone talking about passions. He said that it is a theme that touches lots of people who study subjects not generally considered useful and stressed the importance of inclusivity. “Leave your fears behind you and approach the event in the most positive way,” said Daniela Conte, Executive Director of Giovani del Mondo Association. She continued, saying that “building a career is not something predetermined but it is more about identifying a personal path.”

Daniela Conte has an important role in the event which, as she said in 2016, has grown so much since it was born in 2009 and now involves thousands of participants and staff. It is not only about Model United Nations but also about Press Game, Business Game and International Careers Course that covers all the important aspects of international professions. A variety of topics will be discussed and debated including human rights, economy, justice, conflicts and a special Historical Committee that will take everyone back to the 1950s to simulate a crisis regarding nuclear weapons.

How about the first opinions after the ceremony?

Rome Press Game Team 1 journalists caught up with a few participants to find out where they are from and why they are excited to take part in the event. Ahmad Shah from Afghanistan told us that he took part in MUN in Afghanistan and that he learnt lots of things from the opening ceremony and that he will keep in mind the tips given. Best speaker for him? Daniela Conte because she talked about her experience.

A participant from the UK told us that he found the ceremony inspiring and agreed about the fact that cooperation is important and that the next Einstein will be a group of people.

Lastly we have, Nadia Sadiq from Moldova (but she lives in Portugal) that thinks the ceremony was a bit long but fulfilling and interesting.

Passions, diversity and collaboration are the key words of today, let’s start this experience!

- Team 1 Rome Press Game


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