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"The United States, more precisely Philadelphia, and Italy, with Lombardy, Rome and Naples, are joining for the first time, giving way to an international network for research between Virtual Reality and Cognitive Impairment. A challenge to eradicate fears and open new doors for young people "- Angela Romano, president of the Business School and Project Contact Person. Neurological diseases and cognitive disorders are the cause of malaise not only for the many people affected but also for those close to them; due to the fact that these situations represent an everyday reality for many families, Mondo Internazionale decided to engage a collaboration with Scuola Impresa, SHRO and CNR-ICAR to give young university students the opportunity to collaborate with professionals in the sector, both in the United States and in Italy. Participation in the project allows to work for a period of two weeks at the research laboratories of S.H.R.O, at the College of Science and Technology of Temple University of Philadelphia. The participants are placed in a research team composed of 10 university students who will join a team of researchers from the research centre, under the expert guidance of Professor Antonio Giordano. Genetics, cancer research, Bio-innovation, Biotechnologies, Bioinformatics, Epigenetics, Psychology and Virtual Reality are the fields involved and ad hoc research projects are created to allow participants to be guided to discover the world of research. The project offers great opportunities for training and professional growth, especially since the candidates will return to Italy from the United States where new phases of study and research will be developed to continue the project.


Mind nutrition deal "MIND - Nutrition Deal project was born in December 2018, in conjunction with the promotion of healthy diets and lifestyles by the United Nations General Assembly which aims to tackle the widespread problem of malnutrition. Starting from this assumption the main objectives of MIND project are to raise awareness of the population on a healthy diet and to diffuse the nutritional peculiarities belonging to the cultures of other countries. "- Maria Parisi, Dr. Nutritionist, Referent of the project. These goals will be achieved thanks to the support of three Nutritionists who, thanks to their skills in the food sector, will give life to activities and conferences with the aim of educating and involving participants and not only. The population is brought closer to a healthy diet through meetings and video dissemination of various topics, scientific articles, postings with images and interviews to subjects wishing to share their experience in the nutritional field. The nutritional peculiarities of other cultures, however, are made known through informative meetings, multicultural interviews, videos related to the traditions of various countries of the world and posts with images and captions. In addition, tasting culinary events particular of each country are the occasion to discover dishes typical of other cultures.


TrattaMIBene "Domestic violence, exploitation of human beings, sexist stereotypes and many other topics constitute the theme of "TrattaMIBene" (TreatMI Well), a project that aims to promote awareness of violence against women and highlight some of its often neglected aspects." - Isabella Poretti , d.ssa in Letters and Referent for the project. Mondo Internazionale has decided to give life to a project with the aim of communicating the dangerous behaviours present in the social system that sees violence and abuse of women and men with the former as the most affected and the latter silent victims of another form of intimidation and violence. This certainly in order to sensitize public opinion on the issue, through the writing of written and multimedia contents and public meetings, this goal being not the only one. What Mondo Internazionale wants to create is a space for discussion and information, for reflection and exchange, but above all also the possibility of young competent youths to deal with a subject as delicate as essential for the development of man as such. The project is divided into three main phases which see the cooperation of a team of young people who have conceived and supervised all the phases of the initiative from the beginning. The figure of the aggressor is the first subject analysed, through different magnifying lenses such as machismo and sexism, internalized machismo and violence as physical abuse. The second phase of the initiative concerns the woman victim of trafficking and violence, also telling the realities on the territory that deal with the recovery of subjects involved in it. The third phase, that which is defined as the "normative psychology", is oriented in particular on the comparison of the regulations on the issue in the international context, on the generational comparison on the topic regarding the Italian situation and on the conception of feminism as revolution of our century.


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