Discover the mission of the association "Mondo Internazionale"

Within a world in eternal change where it is even more difficult to find our own place not because of a lack in skills and motivations but simply due to a lack of opportunities, we wanted to bet on creating these opportunities.

With the headquarters in the city of Gallarate (VA), we have many others in each of our associates, ambassadors of their own future and that of our Association.

We are an Association wishing to spread new initiatives and information to increase and show not only our capabilities but also our future associates’ potential in the world around us, starting from the university.

The decision to focus first on the young is clear but not trivial, because being our future they represent our present as well, what we live and we want to change.

All this started with the creation of a blog, in which young people can be listened to, highlighting the importance of cooperation in the university environment to better understand the world of today and prepare them to deal with institutional and professional figures.

This path has subsequently expanded and thus allowed the birth of the reality we are today.

Our goal as Mondo Internazionale embodies the desire to create possibilities for all those who decide to believe in our mission and actively support us. Creating a network of ideas and spaces to allow everyone to find their own way within the intricate puzzle of life and personal fulfilment.

Our projects embrace the most diverse sectors, from nutrition to human rights, to medical research, and each of these was promoted by all those people who had a deep interest in these issues and who want to make it as well as a vocation, even a job.

With this main objective, we want to commit ourselves so that our initiative is not limited to contributing only to personal growth but that can also help to develop a professional one.

Collaborating for the creation and promotion and the realization of new ideas our associates can acquire an expertise within the sectors of their narrowest competence and desire, becoming a possibility to know their own vocations and cultivate their concrete design, managerial and communication skills. All within an institutional framework, able to provide recognition and publicity to all the efforts made and the goals achieved.

It is essential to be directors and protagonists of our own future, for ourselves and for the rest of the world, because a successful world is a happier world.

"Among the great things we cannot do and the little things we do not want to do, the risk is doing nothing" (Adolphe Monod)”.

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