Register for the International Careers Festival and take also the Babbel English Test

To celebrate the tenth edition the International Careers Festival gives the opportunity to all applicants to receive an official Cambridge certification of english achievement by taking the Babbel english Test at a particular and discounted price!

Babbel built a language app that gets you speaking right away, and English is one of our most popular courses. Our language experts wanted to show our learners their true level and help them improve their skills. That’s why we teamed up with Cambridge English — because when it comes to English testing, they’re the experts. Every year over five million people take a Cambridge English exam!

Together, Babbel and Cambridge created a high-quality, low-cost English test you can do online. Are you interested in learning more?

Here are 4 reasons to take the Babbel English Test powered by Cambridge English:
1. The Babbel English Test makes it easy to test and prove your level online

Babbel’s language app made it simple, affordable and convenient to learn English in your free time. Now the Babbel English Test does the same for testing your level online.
– You can take this test anywhere with a good internet connection.
– You can do the test anytime you want.
– An online English exam is less stressful than other tests. Take the Babbel English Test at home — not in a crowded test center.
– Every Babbel English Test you take is different! Each test consists of around 70 questions that check your reading and listening skills — and the whole test only takes 45 minutes to complete.

2. The test is based on real situations and conversations

Babbel lessons give you the confidence to have real conversations. Like Babbel’s courses, the Babbel English Test shows you the skills you need for daily life. That’s why the test’s reading and listening tasks use, for example, images of posters, emails and street signs. Meanwhile, the listening section plays recordings of speakers with different accents, radio shows and conversations.
Because many other English exams focus only on academic or business English, they’re better for people who only need an exam for school or work. Babbel’s English certificate is different: it’s made for casual learners who want to prove their language skills.

3. Prove your English skills to boost your career

Nowadays basic English skills are required for many jobs. Many candidates for a job may speak English well, but how many of them have a certificate to prove it? Like other Cambridge exams, the Babbel English Test provides you with an official certificate.
You’ll receive an official certificate that you can use to prove your English skills when you apply for a job or to put on your LinkedIn profile.
Certificate of Achievement, Council of Europe Level B1 or above. A Cambridge English certificate on your CV or LinkedIn profile proves your level and shows potential employers that you’ve made an effort to improve your English. Currently, the test goes up to CEFR Level B1 and above (intermediate level). As soon as you finish the test, you’ll get a certificate from Cambridge with your picture on it. Like most Cambridge certificates, it’s valid for life!

4. Prove your skills to yourself

Do you remember your high school English classes? Are you taking a class or using an app like Babbel right now? Do you need to know your actual level before deciding how to progress? The Babbel English Test is a great way to check your current level.
Research also shows that studying for a test can be motivating and even help you learn more. Your score on the Babbel English Test will motivate you and give you more confidence. Because it’s so easy and affordable to take, you can also use the test to prepare yourself for another exam or decide how you can continue improving your skills.

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