Is the world of communication and journalism your passion?

From the 9th to the 12th of March you will have the opportunity to participate as a tutor at the Rome Press Game 2019 edition. This unique event organised by the Giovani nel Mondo Association will come alive during the International Careers Festival, annually located in Italy’s magnificent capital.


As the first simulation in the world of its kind, the Rome Press Game rotates around the world of international journalism, offering young minds from all over the globe first hand experiences in a professional environment.

Those who will be selected as tutors will be allocated to one of the Rome Press Game activities, focused on the most important spheres of the communication sector and of the information industry: news writing, radio, television, translation and interpretation. It will be your responsibility to mentor the participants as they face challenging tasks during the four days of the event.


As a tutor you will be required to prepare the necessary teaching material for the participants, collaborate with the Program Director and Executive Director in preparation for the event.

Requirements for television, radio and news writing tutor positions


-Previous experience in a similar simulation in Italy or abroad

- In -depth knowledge of the English language (minimum level C1) as this will be the main language   spoken during the whole event

- Ability to organise time and meet all deadlines

- Knowledge of any of the following languages: French, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese

- Good researching capacity
- Previous experiences a tutor/mentor

- Bachelor's degree, preferably in communication, languages, interpretation, translation, letters, journalism and political sciences
- Preferably some knowledge of the WordPress and Joomla web platforms

- Preferably some experience in either television, radio or written journalism


Requirements for translation and interpretation tutors


- Language proficiency and experienc in translation  (both interpretation and written translation)
- Patience and diligence (very important traits for written translation)
- Ability to organise time and meet all deadlines
- Sociability and self-control (interpretation)
- Abilities in fact-checking



Selected tutors will receive the following benefits:

-Free participation at the Festival

-Accommodation and meals in the official hotel of the event

- Partial reimbursement of trip expenses to and from Rome

- Final Certificate


Check some of the work done during the previous Rome Press Game!

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TG Rome Press Game 2018


How to Apply: Send your CV in english at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by September 2nd 2018. Selected ones will be interviewed via Skype.


Information and Contacts

Giovani nel Mondo

Tel: +39 0689019538

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

International Careers Festival website

Rome Press Game website


Are you a recent graduate and have a passion for the values of the Declaration of Warsaw? The important international organization Community of Democracies offers amazing internships. Don’t miss this opportunity: apply now!


For more opportunities go to International Organizations


Organization/Company: Building upon the Warsaw Declaration, the Community of Democracies seeks to support democratic transition and consolidation worldwide and help bridge the gap between principles of democracy and universal human rights and practice by:

- Assisting societies in the development and strengthening of democratic institutions and values

- Identifying, alerting and responding, consistent with the UN Charter and the Warsaw Declaration to threats to democracy so as to assist states to remain on the path to democracy

- Supporting and defending civil society in all countries

- Advancing broad-based participation in democratic governance

- Giving a voice to those working peacefully for democracy in all countries

The Community of Democracies will seek to achieve these goals by: creating a global network of government representatives, members of legislative bodies, civil society and other stakeholders committed to these goals; sharing ideas, advice and best practices; providing opportunities for coordinating democracy support activities; and working towards a common democratic voice in international organizations.


Duty Station: Warsaw, Poland


Open To: Recent graduated students who meet the requirements



- Spring Cohort: March-June 2018

- Summer Cohort: June-September 2018

- Fall Cohort: September-December



- Spring Cohort: 15 February 2018

- Summer Cohort: 1 May 2018

- Fall Cohort: 1 August 2018


Job descriptionThe Community of Democracies offers university students and recent graduates the opportunity to spend three to six months working on real projects at the cutting edge of democracy, human rights and diplomacy at the Permanent Secretariat of the Community of Democracies in Warsaw, Poland.

Successful candidates will join a diverse and multicultural team that plans and implements activities linked to transitioning democracies and actors defending their rights. Over the course of the program, interns will be thoroughly engaged with the work of the Community,supporting their experts, helping manage international projects and promoting the values of the Warsaw Declaration.

As a member of the Permanent Secretariat, you can expect to be involved in the following types of tasks:

- Conducting research and analyzing issues associated with democracy and human rights

- Reviewing or editing documents and diplomatic notes

- Contributing to the development of strategic plans, concept notes or project proposals

- Organizing conferences, panel discussions and roundtable discussions with external partners

- Monitoring social media and drafting content for Twitter or Facebook

- Providing input and contributing to the organization’s communication channels

- Attending events on behalf of the Permanent Secretariat



- Be very passionate about the values contained in the Warsaw Declaration and committed to supporting democracy and protecting human rights around the world

- Be a university student or recent graduate with top marks

- Have a demonstrated interest in democracy, diplomacy, international relations, human rights, civil society, gender equality, diversity, women’s rights and politics

- Have a professional fluency in English (additional languages are an advantage)


Wage: Unpaid  


Application process: To apply for this internship you must send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., write in the subject line “desired Cohort + INTERNSHIP”. In the email you must attach a recent CV without a photo and a one-page letter of motivation


Useful links:

Link to the offer

Community of Democracies website

CoD contact page

Warsaw Declaration


Contact information:

Aleje Ujazdowskie 41

00-540 Warsaw, Poland

Phone: +48-22-375-90-00

Fax: +48-22-3195628

General Inquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Media Inquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

edited by Ruino Martina Pia


The editorial staff of is not responsible for the reliability of the information contained in this article. If you want any further information concerning this vacancy, please contact the proposing organization.  

What is that brings more than a hundred young students from all over the world to gather in Rome and spend four days intensively working together? Surely the hope to gain professional skills and access to useful networks, but I think that there is something more that connects all the participants of the International Careers Festival: the idea that we can all learn something from each other, and that our diversity will bring us new ideas and perspectives. We are all human beings, different but so similar to each other, and we know that we all deserve mutual trust and respect. I could bet that all the participants of this extraordinary festival have this same belief, and that’s why so many activities and projects are focused on the topic of Human Rights. Indeed, many of the students have chosen to participate in the International Careers Course or in the Model United Nations to simulate the work of those figures who promote and protect Human Rights, like diplomats, NGOs, and major representative institutions.

Professionals from a wide range of institutions have come to the festival each day, and have been a source of great inspiration; for instance, Giulia Pirozzi, the Individual Activism Officer of Amnesty International Italia. Her experience and success in the field of international cooperation and Human Rights have allowed her to give precious advice both to the International Careers Course participants and to the MUN members. During our interview she has indeed called for more dialogue between various international institutions, and has encouraged the MUN members to develop this aspect in their simulation, to produce a concrete change in the future.

Human Rights are frequently endangered in conflict situations, and for this reason the institutions responsible of handling crisis and conducting military operations must commit to the protection of civil population in these scenarios. Doctor Guillaume Lasconjarias, researcher at the NATO Defense College, has explained that not only NATO is committed to the avoidance of any civilian victim, but is also actively promoting the well being of communities endangered by the war: the Cultural Protection Programs focuses exactly on the preservation of civil heritage and cultural properties, to guarantee that, after the end of conflicts, civilians still have places where to reconnect to their historical and social background.

All the students that participate to the Rome Model United Nations consider the protection and promotion of human rights as an essential feature of the UN, but the ones who are part of the UNHCR committee are especially aware of their importance, since refugees are too often stripped of their liberties, and may suffer terrible abuses. The Italian student Flavia Minelli has chosen to take part in the UNHCR simulation since, as she told us, refugees and displaced people don’t have any kind of representation, and they rely entirely on international organizations. The only way to address the issue is therefore a joint effort between NGOs, governments, and supranational organization like the UN.

In a world where diversity is frequently linked with prejudice and discrimination, the awareness and commitment of these young people are more important than ever. That’s why projects as the International Careers Festival are so significant: they reunite all these young adults, so that they can be inspired by each other, exchange ideas and approaches, and continue their lives even more prepared and motivated. As Malala Yousafzai used to say: “One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world”.


Teresa Trallori

Team 5 - Press Game



The United Nations were founded on October 24th, 1945 by 51 Countries committed to preserving collective peace and security thanks to international cooperation, and they are strongly determined to thwart any kind of conflict. Today the UN is currently made up of 193 Member States.

According to its charter, the UN Security Council is committed to maintaining international peace and security, and it can be convened at any time, whenever the peace is threatened. The UN Security Council is made up of 15 members: 5 of them are permanent - China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States of America; the remaining 10 are appointed for a two-year period mandate by the Assembly. According to the UN charter, all of the Member States are obliged to respect every Council’s decision; said decisions require a majority of at least nine votes to be approved. No decision can be made if a Permanent Member votes against it. Besides Permanent Members, the Council provides for the participation of 10 non-permanent Members that are elected on behalf of the UN State Members. The 10 non-permanent Members are elected with a two-year term of office. UN Security Council’s presidency is held for a month by each Member, in alphabetical order according to the English names of the Countries.

After 9 years, Italy took over the Presidency of The Council on November, 2017.

Italy became a UN member on December 14th, 1955. Over the years, Italy concurred with determination to the elaboration of the General Assembly and Security Council’s Resolutions, that gave life to major innovations in terms of international regulations. Campaigns in favour of the moratorium of the death penalty; the promotion of gender equality and women and children’s rights; battles against every kind of religious discrimination and in favour of freedom of thought - these are some of the issued that involved our country. Italy has also shared its responsibility arising from collective security, already fulfilling a consecutive six-time role of non-permanent member of UN Security Council,  and participating in peace operations; on November 1st began Italy’s presidency of the UN Security Council.

The Italian Presidency agenda is particularly tight. Amongst the most important appointments, Libya’s briefing (November 16th) and the security challenges briefing in the Mediterranean  (November 17th) will be chaired by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of International Cooperation Angelino Alfano and will be attended by General Secretary Guterres and ONU Special Representative for Libya, Salamè.

Italy founded its candidacy on the given contribute, and is able to continue to offering to the international community: its mass media communication; conflict prevention activities and promotion of dialogue as a main instrument to their resolution; commitment in UN’s peace operations; knowledge of the Mediterranean Sea and its dynamics, given the international importance; human rights, fundamental freedoms and Rule of Law’s promotion.

On 30 November, there will be a briefing on the "Destruction and trafficking of cultural heritage by terrorist groups and in situations of armed conflict", one of the main themes of the Italian mandate. There will also be numerous other events dealt with in November in accordance with the frequency established by the Council. They mainly involve updates on a number of situations in the following countries: The Central African Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Sudan/Darfur, Libya, Burundi, Syria (regarding three different fronts: chemical weapons, humanitarian and political matters), the Middle East, as well as discussions on sanctions against North Korea.

Italy will be a non-permanent member throughout 2017, while in 2018 it will be replaced by the Netherlands: the two countries made agreements on dividing the 2017-2018 term, given the equal footing reached in June 2016 elections.


Ruino Martina Pia


The Permanent Court of Arbitration is offering an internship for legal training in public and private international law. What are you waiting for!? Apply now!


For more opportunities go to International Organizations


Organization/Company: Established in 1899 to facilitate arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution between states, the PCA has developed into a modern, multi-faceted arbitral institution that is now perfectly situated at the juncture between public and private international law to meet the rapidly evolving dispute resolution needs of the international community.

The PCA is an intergovernmental organization dedicated to serving the international community in the field of dispute resolution. It recruits and employs staff based on the highest standards of competence, integrity, and efficiency.


Duty Station: The Hague, Netherlands


Open to: Recently graduated law school with top marks. However, applications are also accepted from law students who are entering their final year of law school, as well as recent graduates who have some professional experience or are engaging in advanced law studies.


Timeframe: PCA Internships last for three months and start at the beginning of January, April, July, and October. PCA-ICCA internships also last for three months, starting in January, April, and October.   



- 1 September for Term 1, Jan-Mar

- 1 December for Term 2, Apr-Jun

- 1 March for Term 3, Jul-Sept

- 1 June for Term 4, Oct-Dec


Description: Internships are offered by the PCA to law students and recent graduates who wish to gain experience at an international arbitration institution. Internships offer a balance of legal and administrative assignments, allowing interns to gain insight into both the legal and practical aspects of international arbitration.

In addition to internships with the PCA’s International Bureau, the PCA also offers an internship in association with the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA). PCA-ICCA interns will undertake legal research, legal editing and organizational tasks, including work on ICCA publications, ICCA outreach projects (such as ICCA’s work worldwide on harmonization in the implementation of the 1958 New York Convention) and Young ICCA seminars and projects. PCA-ICCA interns do not engage in arbitration case work conducted under the auspices of the PCA.



- Successful internship candidates are usually those who have recently graduated law school with top marks. However, applications are also accepted from law students who are entering their final year of law school, as well as recent graduates who have some professional experience or are engaging in advanced law studies

- Fluency in either French or English is essential. Additional language skills are a strong advantage, especially Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish

- Candidates need not have a specialization in international dispute resolution or public international law, but should at least have demonstrated an interest in these fields


Required documents:

- A carefully written cover letter that indicates how you expect to benefit from the program, how you can contribute to the PCA and a brief description of areas of interest and knowledge of law

- A curriculum vitae

- A letter of recommendation from a professor or senior professional

- Copies of academic transcripts (scans or photos are sufficient)

- Proof of proficiency in English or French (for non-native speakers).


How to apply: Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating the desired start date in the subject line and attaching a single PDF comprising an application package with the above-mentioned documents.


Useful Information: Internships are self-funded. An intern must have adequate financial resources and health insurance for the term to be eligible.

If you are selected and you require a travel visa to take up the internship, the PCA will provide documentation in support of your application.

Although interns are not formally considered staff members of the PCA, they participate in the PCA’s activities as members of the International Bureau.


Useful links:

Link to the offer

PCA website


Contact information:

Permanent Court of Arbitration

Peace Palace

Carnegieplein 2

2517 KJ The Hague

The Netherlands

T: +31 70 302 4165

F: +31 70 302 4167

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Edited by Ruino Martina Pia


The editorial staff of is not responsible nor liable for the reliability of the information contained in this article. If you want any further information concerning this vacancy, please contact the proposing organization.


If you are a graduate or an undergraduate student looking to experiment with real business in a multinational company, apply now, Coca Cola is waiting for you!


For similar opportunities visit our section Other Opportunities


Organization: Coca Cola Company is the largest beverage company in the world, refreshing consumers with more than 500 brands and nearly 3,900 beverage choices. John S. Pemberton conceived his drink recipe in 1886, his associate and accountant Frank M. Robinson named the name "Coca-Cola®" thinking that "the two C would be good together in advertising."
The drink has its name in the fact that in its recipe are used, among other substances, extracts from cola nuts and extracted from the leaves of the coca plant, the latter private of toxic substances. In 1927 Coca-Cola was also imported to Italy. In 1960 the first Coca-Cola appeared in cans, while in 1980 was also the one in PET bottle. Drink is available in most of the world's dining venues and is the beverage for excellence in fast food. The brand has been repeatedly referred to by numerous researches as the world's best known. The biggest rival of Coca-Cola is Pepsi, but there are many imitations.


Duty Station: not specificate


Open To: graduate and undergraduate students


Deadline: open


Job description: Being a trainee means getting involved in day-to-day business management. As an intern, you will get exposure to real projects and challenges in a lively environment and you will have the opportunity to experience a real experience. The trainee will work with the brightest and most prominent players in the industry and will be a member of the world's most recognized workforce. The Coca Cola Company provides two types of internships:
- internships for undergraduates: trainees are looking for an assortment of functions and can gain practical experience with the leading beverage company in the world
- trainees for graduates: graduate trainees must contribute to the success of the Coca-Cola Company through innovative ideas and the creation of acquired values both during studies and previous work experience. New graduates often possess innovative knowledge, enabling them to be the pioneers of the company. Based on a successful performance and the needs of this business, few interns can have the opportunity to become full-time Coca-Cola employees.
Through this internship the selected candidate will be able to:
- gaining an important experience in this field
- Build together a challenging and rewarding experience
- work and learn from business experts
- develop your own style.


Qualifications: opportunities vary from country to country. In some locations, the internships are aimed at university students and, in others, graduates and young people with the right work experience.


Wage/Fees: not specificated


Application process: to apply for one of the offers of Coca Cola Company you have to go to the following link, choose between North America, Eurasia and Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Pacific. Once you have chosen your destination you can apply for one of the available places by following the steps below:
- Identify the best job for you
- complete your online registration or signing in
- upload and enter your CV
- Click the Send button to complete the submission process.


Useful links:

vacancy page

Coca Cola Company


Contact information:

Coca-Cola Company

PO Box 1734

Atlanta, GA 30301, USA

Tel: 800.438.2653

email: filling the form


Edited by Valeria Ruggiero

The editorial staff of is not responsible for the reliability of the information contained in this article. If you want any further information concerning this vacancy, please contact the proposing organization.  

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