International Careers Festival opens its doors to all the participants

On March 11th, in the stunning location of the “Auditorium della Tecnica - Confindustria” in Rome, the game has just started. All the delegates had the first glimpse of what their next days will be like thanks to the Opening Ceremony that hosted many important personalities, moderated by the Rome Business Game program director Dr. Luca Margo Giraldin von Lahnstein.

Some welcome remarks have been made by Dr. Fabio Bisogni, a Member of the Board and Delegate for International Relations of UNINT (Rome’s University for International Studies), Erino Colombi, the President of Tecnopolo (whose aim is to promote and requalify Rome’s industrial sector) and from the program directors Ebenezer Essilfie Nyame, Eleonora Mantovani (Rome Press Game) and Mahmoud Mansi (International Careers Course).

The different guests speaking offered a wide panorama of opportunities for both Italian and international delegates to improve their skills and create new opportunities of work and gaining experience in the international scenario.

As the first guest speaking, Italian plenipotentiary Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, who also joined the diplomatic Service of the NATO Organisation in 1991, Francesca Tardioli pointed out the need for youngsters to broaden and deepen the knowledge and experiences as soon as possible for them. Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs can help this thanks to the many scholarships and internships, such as CRUI’s (Conferenza dei Rettori delle Univerità Italiane – The Conference of Italian University Rectors). Of course, the majority of the people aims to apply for the Diplomatic Concourse in Italy, and the opportunities given are focused on the developing of the needed skills to work as a diplomate.

After the Minister’s speech, Ms. Monika Altamaier, FAO’s director of Human Resources talked about the problems that her organisation (and of course, all humanity) are facing, such as world hunger and need for drinkable water.

After this introduction, a video was played of 2014 with the UN internships applies. She then continued her speech reporting the many opportunities given to the candidates. According to her, to join an international career, the mobility is the key (as well as a good knowledge of at least two of UN languages): at the moment, more than 800 interns are working abroad for the organisation.

Apart from the “institutional” opinions and experiences, Eva Ratti, an Italian start – upper showed her way of thinking about the future of PhDs with her “Find a Doctor” start-up. She wanted classical and up-to-date methods of doing research to meet and work together. She gave to the audience some tips to enrich their curricula, following their personal interests and maybe study or work abroad, in order to open your mind and get in touch with different perspectives of the same topic. At the end of a PdD, the student (which actually has a salary while studying) will write a thesis, in which a new information is contained, so that other people can use the intuition coming from the student’s research.

To conclude the speaking guests part, Paolo Petrocelli, the President of Italian UNESCO Youth Committee that told the audience about his story and how this Committee has been created. It has been formed to support UNESCO’s mission, and nowadays more than 200 people are working on it, even in a volunteer participation, and every person has an age between 20 and 35 years old, which is not so common.

The main focus of the opening ceremony was to present the festival and all the collateral activities and simulations. The most important thing, as the guests repeated many times during their presentations is to enjoy what you do and follow your passions to cultivate your international career. This a really good start for a great experience!


Edited by TEAM 4 - Rome Press Game. Marco Rossetto

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