Mondo Internazionale leaves the floor to its associates and partners, to better explain what it is now and what it could be tomorrow. Being aware that without them, nothing will be possible, we are now presenting you Stefano Cavallari, in charge of the project “Tra Scienza e Conoscenza” (“Between Science and Knowledge”), Francesca Locatelli, in charge of the project “MIND-Nutrition Deal” and Isabella Poretti, in charge of the project “TrattaMI Bene” (“TreatMI Well”).

Stefano: I am a second-year student of Political Sciences and International Relations. I am currently an associate and the person in charge for the project "Tra Scienza e Conoscenza” (Between Science and Knowledge), mainly dealing with the organization and the project's advertising activities, among which the drafting of articles and posts then uploaded on our social network channels are just an example. For a long time, I believed that change can, and should, start from young people, as the future ruling class and I am increasingly convinced that Mondo Internazionale is giving me this opportunity. It is a young association created for young people, whose main purpose is to disseminate information and promote training activities through journalistic articles, initiatives by members, conferences, events and so on. I decided to join the Association precisely because of these characteristics and finally I found myself working in a stimulating environment and with incredible people who are making me grow up professionally, but also humanly, and it is not a characteristic that should be underestimated.

Francesca: The mixture of different food cultures and behaviours in a globalized context linked with the importance of a correct diet and to the overall increasing attention to the nutritional field brought MIND-Nutritional Deal project to life. This said, we three nutritional-biologists, Maria Parisi, Francesca Locatelli and Federica Mascaretti aim to spread the knowledge of other cultures’ nutritional peculiarities and to sensitize the population to a healthy diet. Both, we believe, are the most important themes to be addressed to clarify an often difficult and obscure field, characterized by myths and misleading beliefs. It is an involving and electrifying experience through which we want to communicate our common enthusiasm and passion in taking part to this project.

Isabella: Thanks to Mondo Internazionale, my team and I achieved in finding a space in which we could collaborate and create an important project for us. We found someone able to give voice to our ideas, a window on other people lives. The project of which I am in charge, TrattaMI Bene (TreatMI Well), It has been a good start for me and my colleagues to give our opinion on a fundamental matter for us.

Find out the programme and the exhibitors of the International Careers Fair event which has reached its 10th edition. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of it. Sign up now for free filling in the registration form and do not forget that All careers pass through Rome!


About the Fair: Sign up and take part in the International Careers fair on the 11th and 12th of March 2019 in Rome!


This event is organized by the Association Giovani nel Mondo and will take place on the 11th and 12th of March 2019 in the elegant Sheraton Parco de' Medici Rome Hotel located in via Salvatore Rebecchini, 39 - BUILDING 1 - Rome. A shuttle service will be available for the interested participants to the event's venue from the nearest train station. 


 Let's have a look at the exhibitors:


- Amnesty International Sezione Italiana
- Au Pair America
- Comitato Italiano per l'UNICEF Onlus
- Costa Crociere
- EF
- ENGIM - Ente Nazionale Giuseppini del Murialdo
- ESL soggiorni linguistici
- Giovani nel mondo
- Hertie School of Government
- IMI Switzerland
- Inapp - Istituto Nazionale per l'Analisi delle Politiche Pubbliche/stage4EU
- John Cabot
- Kaplan
- Lunaria
- Medici Senza Frontiere Onlus
- Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale
- Mondo Internazionale
- Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri -  Dipartimento della Gioventù e del Servizio Civile Nazionale
- Roma Tre
- Save the Children Italia Onlus
- Serving People Group
- Street Child Italia ONLUS
- The ONE Campaign
- UN Oslo
- UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency)
- UNICRI -United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute
- UNIDO Itpo Italy
- Uninsubria
- UNINT - Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma
- Università degli studi di Messina
- Università degli Studi di Trento
- Wall Street English


And now let's see the programme for the two days:




10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. : Exhibition area open to the public

Room Loggia dei Signori


10.30 A.M. - 1.30 P.M.

Room Baglioni

Interviews' simulations - Servizio Civile Universale/COSPE


11:30 A.M. – 1:30 P.M.

Room Guinigi

Summer courses and School programmes abroad - AFSAI


11:30 A.M. – 1:30 P.M.

Room Estensi

Working in Europe - counselling on CVs and job interview - STAGE4EU


11:30 A.M. - 1.30 P.M.

Room Gonzaga

Professione Cooperante - Diego Battistessa


2:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Room Estensi

International volunteering service with Lunaria: Un mondo in movimento (presentation and mock interviews)- Lunaria


2:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M

Room Guinigi

The Foreign Service  - ISPI


2:00 P.M - 4.00 P.M

Room Gonzaga

Studying and working abroad - Serving People Group - IMI - AU Pair America


2.30 P.M - 5:00 P.M.

Room Baglioni

Tavola rotonda Carriere Internazionali: A challange for the new generations




10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. : Exhibition area open to the public

Room Sala Visconti 2 and Terrazza Borgia


11:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.

Room Guinigi

Summer courses and School programmes abroad - AFSAI


11:30 A.M. – 1:30 P.M.

Room Estensi

International volunteering as counselling for your own life's project- ENGIM


11:30 A.M. – 1:30 P.M.

Room Baglioni

Working in Europe - counselling on CVs and job interview - STAGE4EU


12:00 A.M. – 1:30 P.M.

Room Gonzaga

Presentation workshop- Servizio Civile Nazionale


1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M.

Room Guinigi

Counselling for the university world - Università Insubria


2:00 P.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Room Estensi

International volunteering service with Lunaria: Un mondo in movimento (presentation and mock interviews) - Lunaria


2:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M

Room Guinigi

The Foreign Service - ISPI


2:00 P.M - 4.00 P.M

Room Gonzaga

Studying and working abroad - Serving People Group - AU Pair America


2:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M

Room Baglioni

Interviews and mock Interviews- Street Child - ENGIM


After these premises you defenetely cannot miss it. Register now and for free by filling out the registration form.



Giovani nel Mondo Association

Via Policarpo Petrocchi 10

00137 Roma – Italia

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







Tra Scienza e conoscenza

"The United States, more precisely Philadelphia, and Italy, with Lombardy, Rome and Naples, are joining for the first time, giving way to an international network for research between Virtual Reality and Cognitive Impairment. A challenge to eradicate fears and open new doors for young people "- Angela Romano, president of the Business School and Project Contact Person. Neurological diseases and cognitive disorders are the cause of malaise not only for the many people affected but also for those close to them; due to the fact that these situations represent an everyday reality for many families, Mondo Internazionale decided to engage a collaboration with Scuola Impresa, SHRO and CNR-ICAR to give young university students the opportunity to collaborate with professionals in the sector, both in the United States and in Italy. Participation in the project allows to work for a period of two weeks at the research laboratories of S.H.R.O, at the College of Science and Technology of Temple University of Philadelphia. The participants are placed in a research team composed of 10 university students who will join a team of researchers from the research centre, under the expert guidance of Professor Antonio Giordano. Genetics, cancer research, Bio-innovation, Biotechnologies, Bioinformatics, Epigenetics, Psychology and Virtual Reality are the fields involved and ad hoc research projects are created to allow participants to be guided to discover the world of research. The project offers great opportunities for training and professional growth, especially since the candidates will return to Italy from the United States where new phases of study and research will be developed to continue the project.


Mind nutrition deal "MIND - Nutrition Deal project was born in December 2018, in conjunction with the promotion of healthy diets and lifestyles by the United Nations General Assembly which aims to tackle the widespread problem of malnutrition. Starting from this assumption the main objectives of MIND project are to raise awareness of the population on a healthy diet and to diffuse the nutritional peculiarities belonging to the cultures of other countries. "- Maria Parisi, Dr. Nutritionist, Referent of the project. These goals will be achieved thanks to the support of three Nutritionists who, thanks to their skills in the food sector, will give life to activities and conferences with the aim of educating and involving participants and not only. The population is brought closer to a healthy diet through meetings and video dissemination of various topics, scientific articles, postings with images and interviews to subjects wishing to share their experience in the nutritional field. The nutritional peculiarities of other cultures, however, are made known through informative meetings, multicultural interviews, videos related to the traditions of various countries of the world and posts with images and captions. In addition, tasting culinary events particular of each country are the occasion to discover dishes typical of other cultures.


TrattaMIBene "Domestic violence, exploitation of human beings, sexist stereotypes and many other topics constitute the theme of "TrattaMIBene" (TreatMI Well), a project that aims to promote awareness of violence against women and highlight some of its often neglected aspects." - Isabella Poretti , d.ssa in Letters and Referent for the project. Mondo Internazionale has decided to give life to a project with the aim of communicating the dangerous behaviours present in the social system that sees violence and abuse of women and men with the former as the most affected and the latter silent victims of another form of intimidation and violence. This certainly in order to sensitize public opinion on the issue, through the writing of written and multimedia contents and public meetings, this goal being not the only one. What Mondo Internazionale wants to create is a space for discussion and information, for reflection and exchange, but above all also the possibility of young competent youths to deal with a subject as delicate as essential for the development of man as such. The project is divided into three main phases which see the cooperation of a team of young people who have conceived and supervised all the phases of the initiative from the beginning. The figure of the aggressor is the first subject analysed, through different magnifying lenses such as machismo and sexism, internalized machismo and violence as physical abuse. The second phase of the initiative concerns the woman victim of trafficking and violence, also telling the realities on the territory that deal with the recovery of subjects involved in it. The third phase, that which is defined as the "normative psychology", is oriented in particular on the comparison of the regulations on the issue in the international context, on the generational comparison on the topic regarding the Italian situation and on the conception of feminism as revolution of our century.


Want to meet in person the people of Mondo Internazionale and many other organizations? Then read Discover the mission of the association "Mondo Internazionale" and sign in for free at the International Careers Fair by filling the form

Within a world in eternal change where it is even more difficult to find our own place not because of a lack in skills and motivations but simply due to a lack of opportunities, we wanted to bet on creating these opportunities.

With the headquarters in the city of Gallarate (VA), we have many others in each of our associates, ambassadors of their own future and that of our Association.

We are an Association wishing to spread new initiatives and information to increase and show not only our capabilities but also our future associates’ potential in the world around us, starting from the university.

The decision to focus first on the young is clear but not trivial, because being our future they represent our present as well, what we live and we want to change.

All this started with the creation of a blog, in which young people can be listened to, highlighting the importance of cooperation in the university environment to better understand the world of today and prepare them to deal with institutional and professional figures.

This path has subsequently expanded and thus allowed the birth of the reality we are today.

Our goal as Mondo Internazionale embodies the desire to create possibilities for all those who decide to believe in our mission and actively support us. Creating a network of ideas and spaces to allow everyone to find their own way within the intricate puzzle of life and personal fulfilment.

Our projects embrace the most diverse sectors, from nutrition to human rights, to medical research, and each of these was promoted by all those people who had a deep interest in these issues and who want to make it as well as a vocation, even a job.

With this main objective, we want to commit ourselves so that our initiative is not limited to contributing only to personal growth but that can also help to develop a professional one.

Collaborating for the creation and promotion and the realization of new ideas our associates can acquire an expertise within the sectors of their narrowest competence and desire, becoming a possibility to know their own vocations and cultivate their concrete design, managerial and communication skills. All within an institutional framework, able to provide recognition and publicity to all the efforts made and the goals achieved.

It is essential to be directors and protagonists of our own future, for ourselves and for the rest of the world, because a successful world is a happier world.

"Among the great things we cannot do and the little things we do not want to do, the risk is doing nothing" (Adolphe Monod)”.

The 5th edition of the Evening&Weekend Programme ended together with January 2019: time really doesmove faster when you put yourself out there facing new challenges! But on the IMES board we are addictedto new adventures as we are already looking forward to the 29th edition, starting by the end of April 2019. This month, however, we would like to share a happy-ending story: the one of Vito Emanuele Cambria, participant of the 23rd edition of the IMES Day Programme held in 2016. After the programme Vito became a successful project manager and his proposal got finally awarded. We couldn’t help but to ask him to share his personal and professional victory with us.


1) Brief introduction: what is your background, what are the factors that pushed you to attend the IMES programme in Brussels?


I am an Italian biologist daily dealings with threatened ecosystems and their disappearing inhabitants: plants, animals and fungi shaping the marvellous natural heritage Europe yet holds. Concrete actions are necessary to keep safeguarding such great biological and landscape diversity. After years spent studing botany, ecology and conservation biology, I felt the need to move from theory to practice. EU funding programmes were the answer to my quest. In the past I had the opportunity to became familiar with EU projects as implementing expert, but only after attending the IMES programme I started understanding for real how the machine works! During the Course you can, first, build up a comphrensive picture of the EU functioning mechanism (this makes you also a better EU citizen by the way, an additional aspect that should be never underestimated). Secondly, you can rely on trainers, with first-hand experience on EU project appraisal and implementation, which step-by-step will lead you to the acquisition of sound competences in the most important EU Programmes (LIFE, H2020, INTERREG, COSME, etc.) and Project Management tools and techniques. They are the ones with the cat’s in the cradle!


2) What happened immediately after the end of the IMES programme? What changed and how did you put into practice what you learned in class? ( How was the adjustment overall)


Other colleagues and I have struggled for more than three years to find resources to finance a project aimed

to halt the ecological decline of one of the last remaining coastal woodlands of central Italy: the wood of Palo Laziale, 40 km west of Rome. On three occasions our proposal was rejected. After I attended this course and secured the certificate on July 2016, the project proposal passed the selection as first-ranked LIFE project at the first attempt! The right satisfaction after so much work and many weeks spent in the classroom. During the Programme, I have definitely got tools, methods and very useful tips to uplift my scientific background into high-level project designing skills.


3) Would you describe the project that was awarded? What is your role in the consortium?


The project LIFE PRIMED “restoration, management and valorisation of PRIority habitats of MEDiterranean coastal areas” (LIFE17 NAT /GR/ 000511) aims to improve the conservation status of habitats and species living in the protected areas of Palo Laziale wood and Nestos Delta, Natura 2000’s sites located in Italy and Greece, respectively. The project is working to develop and scale up innovative environmental engineering solutions and promote community engagement and nature-based tourism. I am the Project Manager of this project, a role of great responsibility, that also makes me proud. Certainly, those weeks in Brussels served me to acquire management skills which I could hardly gain anywhere else.


4) Overall, how do you think the IMES programme helped you to make this qualitative leap in your career ? Which are the determinant skills that it conferred to you in order to write a successful project?


I learned how to proceed with order in structuring an idea in a coherent framework. I had never heard before

of problems and objectives trees, or logical framework, “mates” that are now core part of my job routine. In addition, I became familiar with the proper language and terminology: long-term strategy, sustainability and replicability. Such expressions became almost my “life-mottos”.


5) To someone that’s considering applying to this course, would you recommend it and why?


I can certainly recommend the IMES programme. The people arranging this course are among the best professionals I have ever met in my life. The schedule is well-prepared, the work-load is quite affordable and in line with the lessons flow. The classrooms are usually multicultural and age-mixed. If you are willing to

understand how the EU machine works, you must first connect yourself with the Brussels Bubble. Breathe EU policies and programmes, walk with your own feet in the EU institutions’ buildings. You have two choices: do it by yourself or, just like I did, entrust one of the best Europe mother house’s Cicerone. I am pretty sure, you already made your choice.



IMES Day Programme, 2016 - 23rd ed., Graduate

Project Manager LIFE PRIMED


Want to know more about the Master in European Studies? Read about it: Don't miss the International Master in European Studies (IMES). Designed for success!

My name is Giulia Brandão Rocha and I come from São Paulo, Brazil.

It all began when I started looking for opportunities to develop new skills outside the college environment due to the traditional way of learning in the classroom, which does not bring the whole knowledge. Students of International Relations have a multifarious opinion regarding the world, but when they meet people who live in different backgrounds and cultures, their overview is altered. As one of these students, I feel the necessity to have an experience like this and participate in international events, especially because I never traveled outside my country. Consequently, the chance to be an Ambassador of the International Careers Festival it is the opportunity I found to be among talented people and students who are promoting and building together an event full of diversity.

Being an Ambassador of the Festival is different from everything I have ever done. My experience as the Brazilian Ambassador of the Festival is enriching to my personal and professional skills due to the tasks and duties to promote the event, such as presentations and public speeches to many people. Beyond that, during the promotion, you start new friendships with promoters from all over the world and with participants.

The best part is the feedback from presentations: hearing “thank you so much for sharing it” from people that did not know about the event, seeing them interested in the opportunity and asking questions is amazing! At last, I am looking forward to seeing the results of all promoters and be able to enjoy this extraordinary event in March 2019.


My Name is SALHI Narimane from Algeria. I am an activist in the Youth sector, I am Master student in Finance and I work as a product manager for a pharmaceutical company. In 2017 I started my journey with the ICF as a promoter in Algeria and a participant as a Delegate in the RomeMUN in the UNEP representing Russia. 

I started working on the promotional campaign on Facebook and several social media making also some presentations for students. The journey was not that easy, it was my first promoting experience and I faced some difficult situations but I managed them and I found the right solutions. Then big day came, I took a plane with my delegation and we were finally in Rome participating in the event of which we were talking about for months. I enjoyed every single moment of the event and I decided to come do it again. For my second participation I was selected as a Coordinator and a Co-Chair having then a double responsibility. As a Coordinator I was working with the promoters in the MENA region and in some African countries. We had some online meetings, I received their reports, I answered to their questions and I helped them promoting the event. I was promoting the event as well and I had the honor to share my amazing experience with all the others. I also had the chance to talk about the event on a tv show. Anyway my commitment with the International Festival Career didn’t stop here since I also was selected as a Co-Chair. In this role I had the honor to work with Mr George; we were chairing together the UNESCO committee which was the biggest in Rome MUN 2018. I was giving advices with the Delegates on the Facebook group to help them getting ready and making their preparation easier. I some made webinar sessions for them to answer their questions, doing that even during my work lunch breaks because I think that it’s very important to be there for the Delegates since for most of them It was the first MUN experience so I was focused on training them about the procedures’ rules. The big day came and I met them, I was amazed by their motivation and I saw how the conference made a positive impact on them.

The first day most of the Delegates were shy ,but starting from the second session all of them got involved. They were debating in a very professionaly and, to be honest, it was very difficult to choose the best Delegate since they all did their best. They learned how to speak in public and how to defend the position of their assigned countries. We experienced a very strong relationship which it was deeper than that of a Co-Chair with their Delegates. I felt they were under my responsibility and since I work in the health sector, when I feel that one of my Delegates is sick or pale or feeling bad I try my best to make him/her feel better. We were all like brothers and sisters, we had great moments and we learned together while having fun. In one committee there were people from different backgrounds, different countries and different cultures but the ICF bond us as one big family. I really feel at home and I can’t wait for the next edition to meet the best people ever. The International Careers Festival is not just an event, it’s a community, it’s a family where this big world become a small home. I met a lot of people in other countries, then I met them again in Rome, and I am sure I will meet them again. I made strong friendships thanks to the International Careers Festival and, as a youth activist I think this event helps for a better future because youth is the future and through this kind of events we can spread tolerance and peace and we can hope for better world and a better future because our generation is able to make a positive change.

This year I am the Coordinator of North Africa and I am happy to work with Hossem BERKAN who is my former Delegate in Algeria MUN, and shined in the Rome Press game in 2018. He is one also one of my promoters fo this year, and we will do our best to spread the concept of this great event to people sharing with them our experience. I feel very committed to this event because I learned a lot ,and I would like to thank Giovani nel Mondo for having me as part of this amazing family.


See you in Rome!



The International Careers Fair has reached its 10th edition. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of it. Sign up now for free and do not forget that All careers pass through Rome!


The International Careers Fair is the only event in Rome that gives the opportunity to young people, whether they are high school students, university students or recent graduates, to meet institutions that offer education, internships and jobs, thus rewarding ambitous boys and girls who want to sit down at the table of professional opportunities in the international arena.


Now in its 10th edition, the International Careers Fair has established itself over the years as an example of excellence and represents a unique opportunity of a meeting and exchange of views between young people and organizations which are active in the international market. 

This event is organized by the Association Giovani nel Mondo and will take place on the 11th and 12th of March 2019 within the International Careers Festival which is an initiative entirely dedicated to students and graduates whom interest is to draw a path into the competitive but fascinating international careers world.

The venue of the Fair will be the elegant Sheraton Parco de' Medici Rome Hotel located in via Salvatore Rebecchini, 39 - Rome. A shuttle service will be available for the interested participants to the event's venue from the nearest train station.


The International Careers Fair will be open to the public for 2 of the 4 days dedicated to the Festival and will give the opportunity to 60,000 young people to meet over 200 exhibitors and have face-to-face meetings with officials of international organizations, with representatives of the most important NGOs in Italy and in the world, with HR of prestigious companies and alzo with representatives of the top prestigious Universities and Business Schools in Italy and abroad.


 And this is not it! This unmissable event gives much more; during the Fair you can take part in Recruiting Sessions, practical Workshops on how to approach an international job search, and to conferences with prestigious speakers. Unmissable news are:

- the Video Fair area where, through an online connection, you can meet with prestigious international organizations,
- the Digital Zone, entirely dedicated to technological innovations and aimed towards an active “social” participation by all young people involved. 

So, it is not just information,  but also real opportunities. In case you want to sign up for an interview you can point out your preferences through the registration form. Registration is free.


What are therefore the main goals of the International Careers Fair? Among others:

- To publicise and promote the complex world of international careers;

- To publicise universities, academies, schools, and training institutions in Italy and around the world;

- To promote career opportunities offered by companies, non-profit organisations, and international institutions;

- To promote the meeting between the demand and the providers of employment;

- To promote dialogue and exchange between the educational system and labour market to bridge the gap.


Internationalism, Opportunity and Competitiveness are therefore the key words of this edition which is bound to be a success.
After these premises you defenetely cannot miss it. Register now and for free by filling out the registration form.


The International Careers Fair is organized under the support of IFAD, WFP, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Italian Representation of the European Commission and among the organizations that participated in past editions we mention: the College of Europe, Aiesec, FAO, EPSO, National Civil Service, Save the Children, Telefono Azzurro, Amnesty International, ONE, Doctors Without Borders, UN agencies in Rome such as UNICEF, UNHCR, UNICRI, UNDESA and UNIDO, the World Food Program, IFAD, ISPI , Barel, WEP, Sara Insurance, World Bank, Columbia University, Sole 24 Business School, Cambridge University, Alitalia, Apple, Barilla, Eataly, Trenitalia, and many other institutions of international prestige.

The participants of the 4 projects of the International Careers Festival, namely RomeMUN, Rome Business Game, Rome Press Game and International Careers Course, will have free access to the fair during the 2 days of the event.


For more information:

Registration Form

Giovani Nel Mondo Association

International Careers Festival

All careers pass through Rome! website



Giovani nel Mondo Association

Via Policarpo Petrocchi 10

00137 Roma – Italia

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The World Youth Alliance offers the opportunity to participate to several internships in different parts of the globe! If you feel ready to face problems and find real solutions at an international level choose your internship, prepare your application and send it immediately!


For more opportunities go to International Organizations


Organization: WYA - World Youth Alliance, works at international institutions such as the United Nations, the European Union, and the Organization of American States, as well as with young people from around the world to build a culture that supports and nurtures the dignity of each human person. We bring young people to international conferences and into dialogue with ambassadors, diplomats, and political leaders.  They focus on:

- international policy and human rights

- economic development

- social development

- global health

- education

WYA trains young people of every background from every corner of the world in each of these areas, training them to advocate for the human person and develop creative solutions to real world problems.


Duty Station: Several, among others:

- Africa (Nairobi, Kenya)

- Asia Pacific (Manila, Philippines)

- Europe (Brussels, Belgium)

- Latin America (Mexico City, Mexico)

- Middle East (Beirut, Lebanon)

- North America (New York, USA)


Open To: All young people who meet the requirements. Check carefully the single requirements needed for the different internship options.


Timeframe: The timeframes vary depending on the venue of the internship, check this link for details


Deadline: Periodic: check the various deadlines at the this link


Job description: The WYA offers different internship programmes which provide opportunities for young people who are inspired by the ideas and work of the World Youth Alliance (WYA) to gain professional skills working on WYA’s projects and a substantive learning experience on WYA’s core ideas. Projects are designed to enhance each student’s specific academic background and interests. Interns receive mentorship and training from WYA staff members:

Regional Internship:

internships in all of the regional offices. Many of the interns accepted into the New York internship first complete a regional internship, are active WYA members in their country, and receive recommendations on their outstanding work.

The regional offices include:

- Africa (Nairobi, Kenya)

- Asia Pacific (Manila, Philippines)

- Europe (Brussels, Belgium)

- Latin America (Mexico City, Mexico)

- Middle East (Beirut, Lebanon)

- North America (New York, USA)

Each region has its own application form. Please select your region below to download your application form;


WYA Africa Internship Application Form

WYA Africa Internship Information 2019

Please send all requirements to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Asia Pacific

WYA Asia Pacific Regional Internship Application Form

WYA Asia Pacific Regional Internship Program Information 2019

Please send all requirements to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Please send all requirements to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Latin America

WYA Latin America Regional Internship Application Form

Please send all requirements to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Middle East

WYA Middle East Regional Internship Application Form

WYA ME Internship Information

Please send all requirements to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


North America

WYA North America Regional Internship Application Form

WYA NA Internship Information

Please send all requirements to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


- Headquarters Internships:

Different types of internship, all the specifics can be checked clicking on this link:

- Global Internship

- Marketing Internship

- Advocacy Fellowship

- FEMM Internship (WYA sister organization)

Submit your application to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Qualifications: The ideal candidates for the WYA internship have:

- strong desire to protect and promote human dignity while making a positive impact on society, - be proactive,

- self-driven,

- resourceful,

- detail-oriented,

- humble individuals with a willingness to learn.


Wage/Fees: not mentioned but some regional internships provide accommodation.

Visa and transportation fees will be at the applicant’s expense.


Application process: to apply for one of the internships offered by the World Youth Alliance it is necessary to check carefully the different Application Forms available in the single page of the offers.

It is necessary to check the documents needed to complete the application process. Generally:

- Completed application form

- Resumé or Curriculum Vitae

- Two letters of recommendation


Useful links:

Link to the offer’s page

About WYA


Contact Information: For more information write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


edited by Ludovica Mango


The editorial staff of is not responsible for the reliability of the information contained in this article. If you want any further information concerning this vacancy, please contact the proposing organization.  

Do you want to start an International Career? If you want to know something more about our association activities visit the website

My name is Gloria and I am 24 years old.

I have a degree in Political Science and International Relations and have always had a strong passion for the world of human rights, international cooperation and international affairs. Since I started my studies, I have often consulted the website to stay updated on the available opportunities and on the requirements in the international careers field.

In 2015 I decided to take part in the renowned United Nations simulation Rome MUN organized by the Giovani nel Mondo association. It was an unforgettable experience that, in addition to giving me training on the procedures, the debate and the drafting of UN documents, led me to create friendships, also at international level, with the other participants in the simulation. Friendships that I cultivate until today.

Over the years, continuing to study for exams I have never stopped looking for opportunities for growth and places to learn and practice what I learned at university. That’s why after a long experience in volunteering, I decided to put myself to the test and I joined the wonderful staff of

Working for Giovani nel Mondo allows me to test myself daily putting into practice a variety of skills that I learned in my studies, but also to develop additional skills with the careful supervision and training of the staff.

I am extremely happy to be able to live this experience by giving my best because I know the difficulty of inclusion in the international environment and of the research itself of the opportunities that this environment can offer. I used to consult myself, now you can find me on the other side of the screen!


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