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The call for applications for the 2018/19 PhD Program is officially open! This year the IMT School will be offering 36 positions for 4 field-specific curricula: Analysis and Management of Cultural Heritage (AMCH); Cognitive, Computational and Social Neurosciences (CCSN); Computer Science and Systems Engineering (CSSE); Economics, Networks and Business Analytics (ENBA). 


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Organization: IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca is a public graduate school and research institute that focuses on the analysis of economic, societal, technological and cultural systems. The School has been under the direction of Prof. Pietro Pietrini since November of 2015. Since IMT’s institution by ministerial decree of November 18th 2005, the School has distinguished itself thanks to the quality and innovativeness of its research and doctoral program and its interdisciplinary nature, characterized by the complementarity and discourse between methodologies drawn from economics, engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, physics, archeology, art history and the analysis and management of cultural heritage.


Duty station: Lucca, Italy


Open to: Students with an university degree of at least 4 years or full time equivalent. For an Italian degree, a "Laurea Magistrale" (or "Specialistica") or a "Laurea Vecchio Ordinamento". For foreign degrees, eligibility will be assessed by the PhD Selection Committee


Timeframe: 3 years


Deadline: The deadline for applications is August 3rd, 2018 at 18:00 Italian time


Description: Admission to IMT's PhD program is competitive on an international level, with evaluation mainly focusing on past academic performance (grades) and scientific relevance to the selected curricula. First and foremost, however, certain basic formal requirements must be met before candidates are eligible to apply. Namely, applicants must have completed and obtained a degree equivalent to at least 4 years of university studies. (Students in their final year of undergraduate study may be admitted on the condition that their bachelor's degree is awarded before they enroll at IMT.)

Applications are open to candidates without regard to nationality, age, gender or religion. Proficiency in English is compulsory as research and teaching are conducted in English. No knowledge of Italian is requested

Candidates applying for CCSN are required to express their interest in one or more of the following Research Fields: 

-Molecular Mind Laboratory (MOMILAB) 

-Complex Networks (NETWORKS)

-Center for the interdisciplinary Analysis of Images (LYNX)

-Dynamical systems, Control and Optimization (DYSCO)

System Modelling and Analysis (SYSMA) 

-Laboratory for the Analysis of compleX Economic Systems (AXES) Candidates applying for CSSE are required to express their interest in one or more of the following Research Fields: 

-System Modelling and Analysis (SYSMA) 

-Dynamical systems, Control and Optimization (DYSCO) • Multi-Scale Analysis of Materials (MUSAM) 

-Complex Networks (NETWORKS)


Requirements: Applications are open to candidates who meet the following requirements:

  1. Degree:

- "Laurea Magistrale" or "Specialistica" (according to DM n° 509, of November 3, 1999), or a four- or five-year degree (according to the previous rules of the Italian higher education system) obtained in Italy;

- Foreign degrees with a minimum duration equivalent to 4 years (full time). The 4-year duration should be considered a minimum but not sufficient requirement: the eligibility of degrees will be assessed by the Selection Committee.

  1. Knowledge of English language:

Applicants are required to indicate their level of English.


Wage: Admitted students, in addition to free room and board, will also receive a research scholarship, which amounts to approximately 13,600 Euro/year.


Additional info: All PhD students admitted to the PhD program are exempt from paying tuition fees, although they are still responsible for paying the yearly Regional Education Tax (currently €140.00/year)

- All PhD students are offered free meals (lunch and dinner) at the on-campus canteen

- All scholarship recipients are provided with free accommodation in shared double rooms within the campus residential facilities


Application process: Candidates are required to upload online the documents.

The application form must be mandatorily filled out in English through the online procedure available on the School’s website, by August 3rd, 2018, at 12:00pm (CEST). Applicants have to upload the documents in PDF or any other non-modifiable standard format (i.e.: JPEG, JPG, GIF). The maximum size is 3MB for each single attachment. If the file is too heavy, it can be uploaded as a ZIP file as long as it is in PDF (or other non-modifiable format). The selection committee will accept attachments in Italian or English only (unless otherwise specified).

Applicants obtaining their degree by no later than October 31st, 2018 can also apply.


Useful links:

Call for Application 2018/19

IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca



Edited by Ruino Martina Pia


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