Find out what ASERI’s alumni say about the Graduate School!

This is what the alumni of the Graduate School of Economics and International Relations of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore say about their experience at ASERI. What are you waiting for? Read their stories and find out the strengths of the Graduate School!

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Organization: Since its creation in 1995, ASERI (the Graduate School of Economics and International Relations of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore) has been focusing on the deep changes in the global economic and political environment, from the beginning of globalization to recent dynamics.

ASERI’s students come from all over the world and have different cultural backgrounds and ages. ASERI’s high quality teaching approach provides them with a strong and functional depth to international issues and processes, as well as an in-depth scientific study of methodologies, disciplines and career training. Students also become accustomed to peer-based learning, which challenges their knowledge and opinions, providing efficient dialogue.

ASERI international faculty offers courses and seminars in high-level postgraduate training programs, combining theory and practice, lectures and group work, scientific training and professional enhancement.


ASERI alumni are now professionals working in all continents for international organizations, multinational firms, academia and research centers, financial institutions, national and supranational public administrations and NGOs.

"More than 9 years have passed after my graduation: I have lived in three continents, overcome many adventures, collected much professional satisfaction and amazing human   experience. I am currently managing a project about the reintegration of Al Shabhab former fighters in Somalia through a community reconciliation process. I arrived to Kenya 8 months ago after an internship at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda during the Master, some experiences with few Italian NGOs, a long mission in Afghanistan with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, human rights officer at the United Nations and finally working at the International Development Law Organization. It has been an intense professional journey: thank you ASERI for making this possible"

Francesco Ponzoni, Program Manager and Legal Adviser at International Development Law Organization – Kenya – Master in International Cooperation and Development (MICaD)

"During my ASERI experience, I learned almost as much from my colleagues as I did from my professors. Our various personal and professional experiences deepened our classroom discussions and created learning opportunities outside of our reading material. I also thoroughly enjoyed studying with accomplished professors, who encouraged me to seek to understand our world in new ways. All of this with the background of the beautiful city of Milan – what a special opportunity it was to study at ASERI!".

Laurel Zigerelli, Deputy Project Manager & Latin America Research Analyst, Ascendant Program Services, LLC, USA - Master in International Relations (MIR)

"Every class was an occasion for us to learn, to think, to ask, to wonder, to discuss, to question. All the subjects that we studied were like pieces of an harmonious puzzle: we were asked to put all of them together, in a way that at the end of the day it could finally make sense. What I appreciated most is the approach of this Master: we have been taught the importance of having a critical attitude and always being curious, challenging stereotypes, refusing simplistic views, looking beyond the end of one's nose to understand such a complex and diverse reality like the Middle East. This is exactly what we were looking for. With different backgrounds and nationalities and with a specific reason for being here, each of us gave something to the others, adding value to this experience. This Master and my internship enriched me, made me a stronger person, improved my critical thinking, further opening my mind."

Libera Chiara D'Acunto, Italy, Master in Middle Eastern Studies (MIMES)

"The Master has been an excellent opportunity to learn, explore and develop knowledge on topics related to the Economy and the International Policies. It has given me the keys to better understand and interpret the world processes and the political and economic issues that are defining an international reality which is more and more complex and unpredictable. In addition, through the seminars held by international academics and professionals, I got to experience a more practical approach to University courses. The working groups on case studies also proved an excellent opportunity to know my classmates and to build friendships which still exist today. Thanks to the interdisciplinary program and the international network of the two prestigious Universities, after the Master I was able to evaluate more than one opportunity in many professional fields. I am currently working in the financial and insurance sector of SACE and I manage the relationships between my company and banks and trade associations. In addition, I support the business development of the export sector of the Italian SMEs."

Martin Biffi, 9th Edition, Advisory SME Specialist, SACE - Master in Economia e Politiche Internazionali (MEPIN)

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