Are you a student enrolled in a social science bachelor or master course (economics, statistics, social policy or other relevant subject), and would like to help improve the life of children all around the world? UNICEF brings you in Jordan, don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

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Organization/Company: With its focus on the needs and rights of the child, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) devotes as much as 80 percent of its funds to programs that can be classified under the broad umbrella of public health. Working in partnership with governments as well as health-related organizations, notably the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF is active in programs ranging from immunization and oral rehydration campaigns to water and sanitation projects, and from the fight against acute respiratory infections to the elimination of polio and micronutrient deficiencies. Its contribution to international public health, particularly for children and mothers, has been significant and extensive. Indeed, in the last two decades of the twentieth century, UNICEF, with its activist leadership, helped shape the agenda of international health.

UNICEF creates programmes on behalf of children, such as:

- Child protection and inclusion

- Child survival

- Education

- Nutrition

- Early childhood development

- Gender equality, and so much more.

In 1965 UNICEF was awarded the Noble Peace Prize, thus linking its services for future generations with peace building. The Prize provided a solid base from which to build its effective role in advocacy for children.

UNICEF was the first UN body to take up the issue of family planning. Though the controversial subject was presented in the context of responsible parenthood to UNICEF's executive board in 1966, after an unprecedented and acrimonious debate the deeply divided board deferred its decision by one year, and it eventually took a relatively mild stance on the issue. As UNFPA - United Nations Fund for Population Activities - was created in 1967, the pressure for UNICEF to take up the issue head-on was eased.


Duty Station:  Jordan


Open To: Students enrolled in a social science bachelor or master course


Timeframe: Non mentioned


Deadline: December 31, 2017


Job description: UNICEF Jordan Country Programme is looking for interns for their Social Protection and Social Policy sectors. The interns will be received and assisted within the framework of the UNICEF Jordan Country Programme in Jordan that emphasizes the focus on acquiring experience in a development field under close direction of UNICEF Social Policy Specialist.

Under the direct supervision of the Chief of Social Protection or Chief of Social Policy, the interns will work as support for both sections to deliver on the following outputs:

- Perform data quality assurance procedures and troubleshoot data collection problems

- Contribute to develop an accountability to affected population framework for the programmes

- Work in partnership with the other UNICEF sections to produce a Home Visit Protocol for delivering an integrate package of Social Protection services

- Contribute in analysing the available data to conduct operational programme review and report generation

- Contribute in producing relevant fact sheet and information briefs on the situation of children in Jordan

- Contribute in preparing working paper on the situation of public finance for children in Jordan

- Coordinate with the communication section to disseminate of research findings

- Contribute in preparing both internal and external reports

- Provide support to other UNICEF sections in the design and implementation of research studies regarding the situation of children in Jordan

- Ensure that the data collected by UNICEF partner are sound and reliable

- Contribute to the situation and real time monitoring of children’s rights in Jordan

- Contribute in the management of evaluations of programs implemented by the social protection unit

Supervision and guidance will be provided on a day-to-day basis, and regular meetings will be organized between the supervisor and the program specialist to review work accomplished and provide advice on course corrections, if necessary. Interns will be exposed to learning and personal development opportunities within UNICEF and also with the partners including humanitarian response.



- Being enrolled in a social science bachelor or master course (economics, statistics, social policy or other relevant subject)

- Fluency in English

- Strong writing skills

- Knowledge of Arabic is an asset

- Experience in data collection and analysis software (ODK, STATA/ SPSS) is considered an asset

- Experience with GIS software is also considered an asset


Wage/Fees:  Not mentioned


Application process: To apply, follow this link, insert your E-mail address and follow the instructions.

Before you start the application, read carefully these documents:

- Three Pager on Cash for Education Programme

- A Window of Hope PDM Report

- Brief explanation of Makani Program


Useful information: In 1990 UNICEF engaged in promoting and organizing the World Summit for Children, which brought more than seventy heads of state and representatives of more than eighty member states to New York for a two-day meeting. The summit was precedent setting, as it was the largest such gathering and the first summit on social issues. It produced a declaration, a plan of action, and a set of goals to be achieved by the year 2000, most of which were in the public health domain. UNICEF followed up the summit with individual national plans of action to reach the goals, and has published an annual Progress of Nations to monitor and report on progress.


Useful links:

Link to the offer

UNICEF Careers

UNICEF’s e-Recruitment system


Contact information:

Contact form


UNICEF offices’ contacts worldwide

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The United Nations were founded on October 24th, 1945 by 51 Countries committed to preserving collective peace and security thanks to international cooperation, and they are strongly determined to thwart any kind of conflict. Today the UN is currently made up of 193 Member States.

According to its charter, the UN Security Council is committed to maintaining international peace and security, and it can be convened at any time, whenever the peace is threatened. The UN Security Council is made up of 15 members: 5 of them are permanent - China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States of America; the remaining 10 are appointed for a two-year period mandate by the Assembly. According to the UN charter, all of the Member States are obliged to respect every Council’s decision; said decisions require a majority of at least nine votes to be approved. No decision can be made if a Permanent Member votes against it. Besides Permanent Members, the Council provides for the participation of 10 non-permanent Members that are elected on behalf of the UN State Members. The 10 non-permanent Members are elected with a two-year term of office. UN Security Council’s presidency is held for a month by each Member, in alphabetical order according to the English names of the Countries.

After 9 years, Italy took over the Presidency of The Council on November, 2017.

Italy became a UN member on December 14th, 1955. Over the years, Italy concurred with determination to the elaboration of the General Assembly and Security Council’s Resolutions, that gave life to major innovations in terms of international regulations. Campaigns in favour of the moratorium of the death penalty; the promotion of gender equality and women and children’s rights; battles against every kind of religious discrimination and in favour of freedom of thought - these are some of the issued that involved our country. Italy has also shared its responsibility arising from collective security, already fulfilling a consecutive six-time role of non-permanent member of UN Security Council,  and participating in peace operations; on November 1st began Italy’s presidency of the UN Security Council.

The Italian Presidency agenda is particularly tight. Amongst the most important appointments, Libya’s briefing (November 16th) and the security challenges briefing in the Mediterranean  (November 17th) will be chaired by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of International Cooperation Angelino Alfano and will be attended by General Secretary Guterres and ONU Special Representative for Libya, Salamè.

Italy founded its candidacy on the given contribute, and is able to continue to offering to the international community: its mass media communication; conflict prevention activities and promotion of dialogue as a main instrument to their resolution; commitment in UN’s peace operations; knowledge of the Mediterranean Sea and its dynamics, given the international importance; human rights, fundamental freedoms and Rule of Law’s promotion.

On 30 November, there will be a briefing on the "Destruction and trafficking of cultural heritage by terrorist groups and in situations of armed conflict", one of the main themes of the Italian mandate. There will also be numerous other events dealt with in November in accordance with the frequency established by the Council. They mainly involve updates on a number of situations in the following countries: The Central African Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Sudan/Darfur, Libya, Burundi, Syria (regarding three different fronts: chemical weapons, humanitarian and political matters), the Middle East, as well as discussions on sanctions against North Korea.

Italy will be a non-permanent member throughout 2017, while in 2018 it will be replaced by the Netherlands: the two countries made agreements on dividing the 2017-2018 term, given the equal footing reached in June 2016 elections.


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Asian Development Bank offers the opportunity to attend their Internship Program, which is a project-oriented learning opportunity for graduate students to gain experience through research assignments based on ADB’s current operational needs. Send your CV now!

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Organization: Asian Development Bank was conceived in the early 1960s as a financial institution that would be Asian in character and foster economic growth and cooperation in one of the poorest regions in the world. The Asian Development Bank aims for an Asia and Pacific free from poverty. Its mission is to help developing member countries reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of their people. Despite the region's many successes, it remains home to a large share of the world's poor: 330 million living on less than $1.90 a day and 1.2 billion on less than $3.10 a day. ADB in partnership with member governments, independent specialists and other financial institutions is focused on delivering projects in developing member countries that create economic and development impact. ADB is composed of 67 members, 48 of which are from the Asia and Pacific region.


Duty Station: Mandaluyong City, Philippines


Open To: Graduate students


Timeframe: Not specified


Deadline: 31 January 2018


Job description: The internship program offers the opportunity to:

- work in a major international development organization;

- work collaboratively with experienced professionals from over 50 different countries;

- gain a deeper understanding of development finance and the impact of the work ADB does; and

- contribute to ADB's business through research outputs.


Qualifications: Internship candidates must:

- be enrolled in a Master's- or PhD-level program at a school in one of the ADB member nations, both prior to and after the internship assignment;

- be engaged in academic study in a field directly related to ADB's work;

- be a national of one of ADB's members;

- possess an excellent command of English; and

have professional experience relevant to the assignment.


Wage:  Stipend is provided to all interns according to the location of internships up to 56 calendar days. Interns may choose to work beyond 56 calendar days in agreement with the designated supervisors, but without stipend. Exception to receiving stipend would be interns who fall under the special arrangement category between select schools and ADB.


Application process: Eligible candidates apply through the ADB Career and Employment System (ACES).

- ADB announces the assignments on the website and candidates choose assignments of interest.

- Candidates apply through ACES, prepare for their CVs and answer the essay questions.

- All documents (CV and essay) are uploaded to ACES to complete application.

- ADB evaluates applications based on: eligibility requirements, relevance of academic study and work experience; and the level of interest and motivation to contribute to development work. ADB also considers institutional representation, gender, and nationality balance in the over-all intern selection process.


Useful links:

Internship link

ADB Website


Contact information:

6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City 1550, Metro Manila,


Tel +63 2 6324444


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 UN Women Training Centre offers the opportunity to attend an internship about training for gender equality. Apply now!


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Organization: UN Women is the UN organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women. A global champion for women and girls, UN Women was established to accelerate progress on meeting their needs worldwide. UN Women supports UN Member States as they set global standards for achieving gender equality, and works with governments and civil society to design laws, policies, programmes and services needed to ensure that the standards are effectively implemented and truly benefit women and girls worldwide. It works globally to make the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals a reality for women and girls and stands behind women’s equal participation in all aspects of life, focusing on five priority areas:

- increasing women’s leadership and participation

- ending violence against women

- engaging women in all aspects of peace and security processes

- enhancing women’s economic empowerment

- and making gender equality central to national development planning and budgeting


Duty Station: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Open To: Everyone who is interested in


Timeframe: Not specified


Deadline: 19/12/2017


Job description: UN Women Training Centre offers the opportunity to attend an internship about training for gender equality. The UN Women Training Centre (TC) is dedicated to supporting the UN and other stakeholders to realize commitments to gender equality, women's empowerment and women's rights through transformative training and learning. Its mission is to become the leading UN Centre that contributes, through training for gender equality: to building a society that respects and promotes human rights for all women and men; support the Training Centre in course content development, course implementation and management; gather relevant data and information to prepare for course development; support the organization of and follow up to Quality Assurance processes; support the development of training programmes, materials, toolkits and user manuals; support the development of new online tools, surveys and other pilot projects; support the design, development, and implementation of training courses; provide administrative support to course management; support gathering and analysis of information for course evaluation and preparation of reports; provide inputs for the preparation of annual work plans for training/capacity development



Education: enrolled in a graduate school programme (second university degree or equivalent); enrolled in the final academic year of a first university degree programme (minimum Bachelor's level or equivalent); have studies in Gender, Social Sciences, International Development, or other similar subjects at the university level; have graduated with a university degree and, if selected, must commence the internship within a one-year period of graduation

Experience: experience in training for gender equality; gender and development; gender studies or the like. Experience in the usage of computers and office software packages, good knowledge and experience in supporting web-based management systems; experience in working in a web-based environment

Language: excellent written and spoken English is required; working knowledge of other UN Official languages is an asset

Wage:  UN Women will not pay for the internship


Application process: Once the candidate has been selected, the following additional documents need to be submitted: letter of enrollment from school or proof of (Master's Programme) graduation if within less than one year, scanned visa document/scanned passport document if no visa is required, scanned medical insurance document. Selected applicants must provide the signed internship application, two letters of recommendation, and proof of health insurance and school enrollment, passport, and visa (if applicable)


Useful links:

Internship link

Un Women website


Contact information:


Street address

220 East 42nd Street

New York, NY 10017


Mailing address

UN Women

405 East 42nd Street

New York, NY 10017

United States

Tel: +1 646 781-4400

Fax: +1 646 781-4444


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United Natons Information Center is looking for an intern for its headquarter in Washington D.C.

For more similar opportunities visit our section International Organizations


Organization: Established in 1946, the UN Information Center is responsible for US/UN issues and serves as a liaison to Congress, the US government and foundations in Washington as well as to the media, academic institutions and public across the United States. The Center includes a small reference library that houses official UN documents as well as other materials published by the United Nations. The office also supports high-level visitors from headquarters and field offices around the world. UNIC’s internship program presents an enormous opportunity for college students and post-graduates seeking a challenging work experience in international relations.


Duty station: Washington


Deadline: Summer Semester – March 19

Fall Semester – July 16

Spring Semester – October 31


Description: UNIC - United Nations Information Center - interns have a broad range of responsibilities that include everything from representing the office at Washington events to fielding public inquiries. As part of the program, interns attend Capitol Hill hearings and NGO/think tank briefings on a variety of international subjects and report back to the office and UN headquarters on what was said. UNIC works with each intern to enable him/her to attend meetings on topics of particular interest. Another facet of the internship program involves monitoring international and regional news and keeping UNIC abreast of important UN-related developments. In addition to these primary responsibilities, interns are responsible for assisting with UN events, outreach and public inquiries. They are also given the opportunity to assist with visits of UN officials and conduct research for UN staff and projects. Likewise, interns are expected to assist with some administrative duties and contribute to the day-to-day functioning of the office.


Requirements: Intern selection is highly competitive.Preference will be given to students in their senior year of college or graduate school, with major area of study in international relations, political science, communications or related field. Students should demonstrate excellent language, research and writing skills. Past experience in a professional office environment is an asset. Knowledge of Microsoft office is required. Preference is given to students who can work full-time with a minimum of 3 days per week required.

Strong candidates will have demonstrated knowledge of the United Nations system, the U.S. Government, Washington think tanks and media. They will also have previous international experience and strong interest in the UN and its focus areas. He/She will have a professional demeanor and the ability to work in busy office with changing priorities and minimal supervision.


Wage: not specified


Application process: Please send a cover letter with start/end date and hours per week available, a résumé, three reference letters (letters under separate cover are preferred) and a writing sample to the address below. The writing sample should be 2-4 pages and demonstrate an ability to put complex ideas into clear concise language.

E-mail application to: internship@unic(dot)org. Please put “UNIC Internship” in the subject line.

or mail to:

Intern Coordinator

United Nations Information Center

1775 K Street, N.W., Suite 500

Washington, DC 20006


Useful links:




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Are you a student seeking a learning experience to expand your knowledge and skills? Here is the right opportunity for you! UNDP is looking for a young intern to be included in its staff!


For other opportunities visit our section International Organizations


Organization: UNDP, the United Nations Development Program, is an international organization of the United Nations. It was born through the merger of the Extended Technical Assistance Program with the United Nations Special Fund for the General Assembly Resolution on 22 November 1965. UNDP headquarter is in New York came into force officially in 1966 and since its foundation, it pursues both the goals and the aims of the two entities that preceded it. The United Nations Development Program coordinates the technical assistance provided by the UN system to developing countries and also manages numerous trust funds. One of the goals that UNDP has always pursued is to eradicate poverty in the world and to protect both the environment and the territories. Among its very important tasks is to approve the National Development Programs by the United Nations aid recipients as the least advanced economically. Another role it has from its foundation is to allocate its funds and oversee projects at national level, so UNDP collaborates with various specialized institutes and non-governmental organizations


Duty Station: Chisinau (Republic of Moldova)


Open to: Young graduates or enrolled in a degree course


Timeframe: As soon as possible (the internship can last from a minimum of six weeks to a maximum of six months)


Deadline: 31 December 2017


Job Description: UNDP offers the opportunity for university students to undertake an internship at the UNDP office in the Republic of Moldova, the purpose of the internship is to provide the International Organization with assistance from trained and specialized interns a number of sectors, in particular the intern will take care of the following activities:

- conducting research  

- writing documents

- cataloguing information

- assisting in the organization of conferences, forums or other collaborative events

- publishing knowledge stories/best practices


Requirements: The candidate must meet the following requirements:

- Being enrolled in a degree course

- completing the course of studies with a relative academic title for no more than a year

- Have a good knowledge of spoken and written English

- Knowledge of Russian or Romanian is considered a plus

- Have a good knowledge of computers and software

- Demonstrate a strong interest in United Nations work and share the ideals of the Charter

- Excellent problem solving skills

- Great ability to work in a team


Wage: Unpaid


Application Process: All candidates interested in the internship after completing the online form (see Useful Links) must submit the following documentation:

- updated CV

- A letter from the university that verifies the registration

- A letter of presentation from a university professor

- A motivational letter stating the reasons for the internship at UNDP


Useful Links:

UNDP Official Website

UNDP in Moldova

Job Offer

Application Form

MAE Viaggiare Sicuri


Useful Informations:

The Passport must be valid for at least 3 months. For any changes to this rule, recommended that you inform the Embassy or Consulate of the country in Italy or your travel agent beforehand. It is also possible to enter the identity card, but only and exclusively of electronic type. It is not strictly permissible to enter the Card Identity Card. However, it is advisable to travel with your passport


Useful Contacts:


One United Nations Plaza

New York, NY 10017 USA

UNDP Moldova:

United Nations House

131, 31 August str., Chisinau, MD-2012, Moldova

Tel: (+373 22) 22-00-45 (switchboard)

Fax: (+373 22) 22-00-41

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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The United Nations Volunteers Programme offers incredible opportunities in various and different fields


Click International Organizations for other opportunities


Organization/Company: The United Nations (or UN)  is an intergovernmental organization established in 1945 by 51 Member States. Nowadays the UN is formed by 192 Nations. The UN works on four main functions: keep the international peace and security; develop friendly relations among Nations; cooperate in the solving of global problems and in the promoting of human rights; represent  a center for several national initiatives. UN is structured in several agencies and organizations aimed to support development, human rights, health all over the world with a particular attention to conflits areas and peace-keeping operations. 


The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) is a program which aim to spread peace and development all around the world through volunteerism. Online Volunteering, by using any device, helps the volunteers to find and address all the problems related to human exploitation, hunger and wars


Duty Station:  Various Countries and remotely


Open To: Everyone who fulfils the qualifications


Timeframe: Every offer has a different timeframe


Deadline: Open


Job description: The UNV Online Volunteering service connects organizations working for the Sustainable Development Goals with volunteers eager to contribute to global progress using their time and skills online

The sectors are:

- Translation

- Writing and editing

- Art and design

- Technology development

- Project development and management

- Research

- Teaching and training

- Leadership & strategy

- Outreach and advocacy

- Community organizing

- Event organization

- Volunteer Management

Every sector ha different duties


It’s important to have:

- Access to the Internet and the right tools. You’ll need reliable Internet access, as well as regular access to a communication device, such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer

- Time. Decide how much time you can realistically devote to your online volunteering activities. Once you select a daily or weekly time range, you’ll be counted on to honour your commitment

- Availability. You’ll need to make yourself available for any teleconferences, meetings or check-ins required by the organization for which you’re volunteering


Qualifications:  Every sector require different qualifications


Wage/Fees:  Not specified


Application process:

-  Register as a volunteer with the UNV Online Volunteering service

- Once registered, you can start searching for opportunities right away. Apply for all those that interest you

- The organization offering the volunteer opportunity makes its selection from among the applicants. If you’re selected, congratulations – start making a difference right away

- Once you’ve completed your assignment, submit a feedback form telling about your experience. You’ll need this in order to receive…

- …your well-earned certificate of appreciation from the organization with which you volunteered, acknowledging your hard work and achievements


Useful links: You can find all the Job offers and all the information here


Contact information:

Online Volunteering service

United Nations Volunteers

Postfach 260 111

D-53153 Bonn


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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UNDP internships offer a small group of outstanding graduate-level students the opportunity to acquire direct exposure to UNDP's work. Apply now!


Organization: UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) works in nearly 170 countries and territories, helping to achieve the eradication of poverty, and the reduction of inequalities and exclusion. It helps countries to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities and build resilience in order to sustain development results  


Duty Station: UNDP country office/regional center or at the organization's Headquarters in New York


Open to: Graduate students


Timeframe: Internship assignments vary in length according to the availability and academic requirements of the intern, as well as the needs of UNDP. Assignments are available on a part-time and full-time basis throughout the year


Deadline: If present, specified for each internship assignment


Job description: The internships with UNDP are designed to complement development-oriented studies with practical experience in various aspects of multilateral technical cooperation, but also complement other international studies, including law. Assignments vary greatly in terms of content. Every attempt is made to match the interests of the intern with the needs of the organization. The purpose of internships is not to lead to further employment with UNDP but, as already mentioned, to complement an intern's studies. However, a number of interns, having completed their studies and met the necessary requirements, have gone on to further assignments with the UNDP or elsewhere in the United Nations system.

Check here the current vacancies



- enrollment in a graduate-level degree programme in a development related field such as economics, public or business administration, or environmental studies. Only those students who will return to their studies upon completion of their internship assignments are eligible

- demonstrated interest in the field of development

- language skills: written and spoken proficiency in at least one, and preferably two of the three working languages used by UNDP: English, French and Spanish. Fluency in Arabic, Portuguese, Russian or Eastern European language is an asset

- interest in global mobility; adaptability to varied physical and other environments; desire to work with and gain the confidence and respect of people with different language, national and cultural backgrounds

- respect for the principles of the United Nations Charter and the UNDP Statement of Purpose


Wage/fees: The internships are not paid. All the costs associated must be borne by the nominating institution, by a related institution or government which may provide the required financial assistance to its students; or by the students themselves


Application process: The selection for the internships is fully decentralized within UNDP. All internships are advertised on UNDP's jobs site at You can choose your internship and then submit the application electronically along with an uploaded resume


Useful links:


UNDP website


Contact information:

Click here


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The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute accepts interns throughout the year. There are different positions open now: discover more and apply for one (or more) of them!


Organization: UNICRI is a United Nations entity established in 1965 to support countries worldwide in preventing crime and facilitating criminal justice. UNICRI supports governments and the international community at large in tackling criminal threats to social peace, development and political stability


Duty Station: Turin and Rome


Open to: Students enrolled in a graduate school programme (second university degree) or students enrolled in the final academic year of a first university degree programme


Timeframe: Three semesters: Spring, Summer and Fall. Duration from 2 up to 6 months


Deadline: September (start in January) – February (start in June) – May (start in September)


Job description: The objective of the internship programme is to enhance the educational experience of qualified students from diverse academic backgrounds through practical work assignments and on-the-job experience, to expose them to the work of the United Nations and to provide UNICRI with the assistance of highly qualified students specialized in various professional fields. Upon completion of the internship the interns are required to prepare a report on their activities. The supervisors of the interns are requested to certify the content of the report. Interns carry out their assignments according to the schedule of working hours agreed upon with their supervisors. The programme is normally full-time

Click here to find out all the current internship openings



See the qualifications required for each internship opening (click “Reference number” to open the attached file). Those who graduated with a university degree (bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees), if selected, must commence the internship within a one-year period of graduation


Wage/fees:  UNICRI will not bear any cost for the internship and all expenses connected with it must be borne by the intern


Application process: The application form specifically designed for the chosen internship programme must be downloaded and duly completed, then submitted, preferably via email, to:

Alternatively, a hard copy of the application can be mailed or faxed to:

UNICRI - Internship Coordinator

Viale Maestri del Lavoro, 10, 10127 Turin, ITALY

Fax: +39-011-63 13 368

Applications must indicate the Internship Opening reference number. Applications that do not quote the reference number and/or are received after the deadline will not be considered. Shortlisted candidates shall be contacted for telephone interview. A separate application is necessary for each internship opening


Useful links:

UNICRI website

More info about the Internship Programme


Contact information:


Viale Maestri del Lavoro, 10

10127 Turin, Italy

Tel.: (+39) 011 6537 111

Fax: (+39) 011 6313 368


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Are you interested in human rights issues? The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights offers graduate students internships throughout the year. Apply now!


Organization: OHCHR represents the world's commitment to universal ideals of human dignity. It has a unique mandate from the international community to promote and protect all human rights. The High Commissioner heads OHCHR and spearheads the United Nations' human rights efforts. OHCHR offers leadership, work objectively, educate and take action to empower individuals and assist States in upholding human rights


Duty Station: The internship programme may be offered at any duty station of the Secretariat designated as a family duty station  


Open to: Graduate students in a field of work of United Nations


Timeframe: Two semesters in a year: January-June and July-December


Deadline: 30 April  – Selection process: May/June    

                31 October – Selection process: November/December  

Job description: This internship is intended to increase the intern's understanding of current human rights issues at the international level and give them an insight into the work of the United Nations and OHCHR in particular. Moreover, it provides OHCHR and the United Nations Human Rights mechanisms with the assistance and the contribution of outstanding young students or graduates. The relationship between the Organization and the intern is one of mutual benefit. Interns are assigned to an organizational unit of OHCHR according to the needs of the Office and their own areas of interest. They are involved in: researching human rights issues, drafting analytical papers and reports, providing substantive and technical servicing of meetings, backstopping fact-finding and technical cooperation activities as well as field operations and supporting other OHCHR activities, depending on the exigencies of the Office. As part of the internship programme, OHCHR endeavours to brief interns through a series of information sessions on human rights issues conducted by staff of the Office



- One of the follow academic requirements: be enrolled in a graduate school programme (second university degree or equivalent, or higher); be enrolled in the final academic year of a first university degree programme (minimum Bachelor’s level or equivalent); if already graduated, must commence the internship, if selected, within a one-year period of graduation

- Study disciplines related to the work of the United Nations, e.g. International Law, Political Science, History, Social Sciences. Preference will be given to those, within these disciplines, who have specialized in human rights issues

- Have a good command of at least two of the six official languages of the United Nations, i.e. English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese. Drafting ability in either English or French is required


Wage/fees: Interns are not remunerated. Costs and arrangements for travel, visas, accommodation and living expenses are the responsibility of interns or their sponsoring institutions


Application process:

Applicants should submit the following documentation:

- A duly completed, stamped, dated and signed internship application form

- A list of courses taken, transcripts of grades or diplomas

- A written sample of research work or an abstract of academic papers (3-12 pages maximum)

- A proof of enrolment in graduate studies

- A proof of enrolment in a health insurance plan

Selected candidates are normally informed approximately one month before the starting date of the internship. Due to the large number of applicants, OHCHR is unable to inform unsuccessful candidates. Unsuccessful candidates may re-apply for following periods.


Address for applications:

Internship Programme - Internship Coordinator - Administrative Section

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Palais des Nations, CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland

Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please send all applications either as scanned documents in PDF format or as WORD attachments and limit the number of documents to two maximum. The naming convention for documents is:

LAST NAME First Name - Application

When applying for an internship, candidates should indicate the semester and the dates of the period for which they wish to be considered


Useful links:

More info and instructions about the internship

OHCHR website  


Contact information:

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The editorial staff of is not responsible for the reliability of the information contained in this article. If you want any further information concerning this vacancy, please contact the proposing organization.


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