Around 2000 participants from 100 countries. More than 160 promoters from all over the world. 4 different simulations, seminars and many workshops for young people to chose from in order to develop further knowledge and gain insights in the fields of economics, politics and international relations, communication and journalism. The Executive Director of the association in charge of the organisation and planning of the Festival, Daniela Conte, proclaimed at her speech in the opening ceremony on the 24th of sarch at LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome, that this festival can be seen as “a journey of friendship, opportunities, challenges, hope and inspiration”. But what does the festival stand for exactly?


For the ninth time this year, young people from all around the world come to the “eternal city” of Rome to participate on the International Careers Festival 2018 from the 24th of March until the 27th of March 2018.The Festival, which has been initiated by the non-profit organisation Giovani nel Mondo with the RomeMUN in 2009 and later developed as it is today, stands for cosmopolitanism and interculturality.The whole festival consits in the RomeMUN, the Rome Business Game, the Rome Press Game and the International Careers Course.

In the Rome Model United Nations delegates have to represent a specific country in a committee, which has been assigned to each of the delegates before. The 10 committees deal with topics, for instance migration policy in Europe, quality education, the situation of refugees in the world and possible interventions to ensure global security by the nuclear disarmament. Besides, prestigious speakers are invited to present speeches regarding these various topics; for instance: Ambassadors, professors of the Rome University of International Studies.

Interculturalism and internationally are relevant topics  in the Rome Buisiness Game, too. The Program Director, Luca Marco Giraldin Von Lahnstein, welcomed 1000 participants this year. Economists-to-be can exercise themselves in learning more about economic strategies, leading companies and resolving economical and political difficulties within a current expanding world. Hereby, the interest for intercultural issues, on which the whole festival stands for, can further be stimulated. The connection between economy and culture helps to widen one’s own horizon and opens the access to a cross-cultural and cross-cutting knowledge.

The Rome Press Game is the third simulation and focuses on journalism, international communication, interpretation and translation. Thus, the participants are asked to report on the International Careers Festival and write appropriate articles, record radio-broadcasts, and create and edit videos. During her speech at the opening ceremony, the Program Director of the Press Game, Shanti Kodituwakku Hettiarachchilage underlined the possibility to gain the so called soft skills which can only be developed in a multicultural environment while creating also interpersonal relationships.

Gaining international experiences, simulating the real working life, challenging oneself and testing one’s boundaries, improving one’s ability to work in a team, getting to know new people from different cultures- these are just some of the answers participants gave regarding their motivation to participate at the International Careers Festival.

Also the International Careers Fair, which is accompanied by 44 exhibitors, takes place at the Rome University of International Studies on Monday the 26th of March and Tuesday the 27th.

Within the fair, mock interviews, workshops, CV reviews and recruitment sessions are offered by the companies which take part, including "global players" like LIDL, UNICEF and UNESCO Giovani.

Through a wide range of tasks, the international level of participants, organisers and topics stress the original idea of the Festival to be an occasion where talent meets opportunity.




Eva Münster – Rome Press Game – Team 2

How do you truly reach success? Is failing an obstacle or an opportunity to become who you always wanted to be?

“They should never be afraid of speaking, they should never be afraid of failure, because failure is part of success. Like, they try once, twice, thrice… they need to keep trying. And also, that they understand that this world needs them, that they can really make a change, even though they are young students […]”. This is the RomeMUN Program Director's advice to the 550 students gathered to the opening ceremony, which took place at LUISS Guido Carli University on Saturday 24th March. He invited the audience not to be discouraged if success doesn’t come immediately; it is something you can achieve after years, and obstacles and failures play an important role in that. Moreover, as already mentioned before, failure often may be a precious opportunity to grow as a professional but most importantly as a person.

The Program Director of RomeMUN, Mr. Jorge Alejandro Gonzalez Galicia, talked enthusiastically about his past experience as a participant and now as a “Secretary-General”, and about what it means to take part in this event. During his speech he encouraged the young multicultural audience to be proud of their own roots and to love their own nation in order to give the best from their country when working in an international environment. In this way, everybody can learn to care about each language, religion and culture and to find solutions to global issues not by imposing their own point of view over the others’ one, and at the same time without being just bystanders.

This is exactly the purpose that RomeMUN aims to achieve through four days of diplomatic debates simulations. RomeMUN isn’t just a chance to discuss current international issues but also a way to challenge yourself and learn diplomatic skills including introducing yourself to public, being active during a debate, securing your argument and defending your own idea in front of an audience; all these are fundamental for the professional life. While underlining the importance of public speaking, he especially encouraged the young delegates to overcome the fear of speaking and above all the fear of failure.


We have to change the world with our thinking, our enthusiasm and our efforts. The International Careers Festival is a starting point to be more conscious of ourselves and to be aware of the power of our voice in helping others and making the difference in the future of our society.

Team 1 – Serena Campolo and Marta Cultrera

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Delegates from around the world travel to Rome to participate in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The 2018 International Careers Festival commenced in the opening ceremony at 10am on Saturday the 24th of March. Over 300 delegates attended, participants in the upcoming conference, which will take place over the course of this weekend. The event was hosted at LUISS Guido Carli University and sponsored by the Giovani nel Mondo Association.

After some welcome remarks led by Hon. Cristiana Paciocco, Vice President of the Committee for Welfare and Health, and Dr. Fabio Bisogni of UNINT University, the Executive Director of the Rome International Careers Festival (RICF), Dr. Daniela Conte shared her reflections of the past and thoughts on the future. In her speech about RICF, Dr. Conte stated, “everything is a journey,” emphasizing the opportunities the three realms of the conference represent for proactive delegates.

Next, each program director introduced their personal philosophies and the natures of their programs. Dr. Luca Marco Giraldin von Lahnstein presented the Business Game as an incredible opportunity for young entrepreneurs. He described how businesspeople often alienate the idea of success from the ideas of resilience and failure; “we must be able to think outside the box,” in order to take full advantage of the opportunities before them. The Business Game is a simulation that allows young participants to learn from past challenges using real life business cases to gain managerial decision-making skills applicable in the business world today.

Shanthi Kodituwakku Hettiarachchilage, the director of the Press Game, followed the Business Game introduction, how the RICF prepares delegates for real world situations. She highlighted the widespread value of participating in the RICF, bringing to light the great things from all aspects of the festival. The Press Game incorporates training and “learn by doing” simulations in radio, television, and web journalism, giving students a broad understanding of the multidisciplinary industry.

The final program, the Model United Nations (ROMEMUN), was introduced by Secretary General Jorge Alejandro Gonzalez Galicia. The ROMEMUN was the foundation of the RICF, and its model of learning through simulation is the connecting value through the three programs. ROMEMUN allows delegates to learn the art of diplomacy by debating world issues and developing public speaking skills that they can use in any professional sphere. He encouraged delegates to carry these skills from their committee sessions to their outside lives, explaining that, “we as brothers of mankind, have to fight for something, because somewhere, someone needs you.”

This moving final statement set the stage for Mr. Gianni Ferrario, a Happiness Trainer, to unite delegates in movement, sound, and laughter. This inspirational presentation, complete with meditation, visualization, and balloons, left delegates feeling cheerful and excited to take charge of their futures, starting here, at the RICF.

By: Gwen Lindberg and Fiona Klassen


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Do you want to defend human rights? Human Rights Watch (HRW) is looking for a coordinator in its office in New York! Apply now!


For more opportunities go to International Organizations


Organization: Human Rights Watch (HRW) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental human rights organization made up of roughly 400 staff members around the globe. Its staff consists of human rights professionals including country experts, lawyers, journalists, and academics of diverse backgrounds and nationalities. Established in 1978, Human Rights Watch is known for its accurate fact-finding, impartial reporting, effective use of media, and targeted advocacy, often in partnership with local human rights groups. Each year, Human Rights Watch publishes more than 100 reports and briefings on human rights conditions in some 90 countries, generating extensive coverage in local and international media. With the leverage this brings, Human Rights Watch meets with governments, the United Nations, regional groups like the African Union and the European Union, financial institutions, and corporations to press for changes in policy and practice that promote human rights and justice around the world. Human Rights Watch defends the rights of people worldwide. They scrupulously investigate abuses, expose the facts widely, and pressure those with power to respect rights and secure justice. Human Rights Watch is an independent, international organization that works as part of a vibrant movement to uphold human dignity and advance the cause of human rights for all.

The core values of the organization are:
- Committed to the mission of defending human rights worldwide

- Indipendent

- Factual, accurate and ethical in fact-finding

- Actively focused on impact

- Supportive of a diverse and vibrant international human rights movement and mutually beneficial partnerships

Duty Station:  New York


Open To: Graduated students in accounting, business, or a related field


Timeframe: Not specified


Deadline: Not specified


Job description: The Finance Division of Human Rights Watch (“HRW”) is seeking an Accounting Coordinator to provide support to the team. The Finance Division, part of the Operations Department, is led by the Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for providing financial management and maintaining the fiscal integrity of HRW. This full-time position is based in New York and reports to the Global Controller.

The responsibilities of the Coordinator will be:
- Analyze general ledger accounts
- Provide support for functional expense allocations, journal entry preparation, and quarterly pension payments
- Process expense reimbursements
- Maintain control of HRW cash accounts
- Prepare monthly cash report for the Board
- Assist with bank confirmations required for the annual Audit
- Maintain bank data to ensure proper internal controls are in place for all entities
- Assist in preparation of monthly bank reconciliations
- Process annual charitable registrations
- Maintain database to ensure all tax-exempt renewals are updated
- Assist with various ad hoc projects which may include pension audits and workers compensation audits
- Perform administrative tasks and other assignments as may be required



- A bachelor’s degree in accounting, business, or a related field is required
- A minimum of two years of basic accounting experience is required and prior experience working in a finance department is highly desirable
- Strong computer knowledge, including advanced ability with Microsoft Excel and understanding of spreadsheets, databases, and Word is required
- Excellent time-management skills and ability to prioritize tasks while maintaining a strong attention to detail are required
- Strong interpersonal skills, including patience and a sense of humor, as well as the ability to work well under pressure while juggling multiple tasks are required
- Strong analytical skills and creative problem-solving skills are required
- Self-motivation and the ability to take initiative, prioritize with minimal supervision, problem solve, and work independently as well as function as a member of a team with staff in multiple locations globally are required
- Ability to make sound decisions consistent with functions is required
- Strong oral and written communications skills in English are required

- Experience with NetSuite financial accounting system and Concur expense reporting database is a plus


Wage/Fees:  Salary range starts at $48,762. Human Rights Watch offers comprehensive employer-paid benefits, including medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance, an outstanding retirement savings plan and twenty (20) days of vacation per year


Application process: Please apply immediately by visiting online job portal. No calls or email inquiries, please.


Useful links:





Contact information:

350 Fifth Avenue, 34th floor
New York, NY 10118-3299 USA
Tel: +1-212-290-4700
Fax: +1-212-736-1300
Contact Form


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ICWA is offering a fellowship to cultivate deep expertise in foreign countries and cultures for all candidates with a passion for their project country and who are sufficiently prepared to take advantage of this opportunity. If you are interested, apply now!


For more opportunities go to Education


Organization/Company: The Institute of Current World Affairs (ICWA) identifies and cultivates rare potential by immersing promising young professionals in the study of a country, region or globally important issue, positioning them to become leaders in their fields. Through a unique two-year immersion program crafted over 90 years, the Institute of Current World Affairs has transformed the lives and careers of emerging writers, academics, attorneys and diplomats, as well as experts from the fields of finance, policy and social activism. A prestigious ICWA fellowship provides recipients with the rare gift of time and freedom to explore a region, research a topic and expand their ideas at a formative time in their lives. ICWA fellowship recipients then join a growing community of distinguished professionals who make vital contributions to their fields. ICWA fellows are handpicked from a highly competitive applicant pool, with a diverse set of interests. They share the traits of intense curiosity, a passion for knowledge and openness to new perspectives. The intensive immersion experience of an ICWA fellowship, free from deadlines and career pressures, enables fellows to cultivate their talent and engage with their subject—and themselves—in ways that have a profound impact.


Duty Station:  Various destinations


Open To: All citizens meeting the requirements


Timeframe: unmentioned


Deadline: June 15, 2018


Job description: ICWA (the Institute of Current World Affairs) is offering a fellowship to cultivate deep expertise in foreign countries and cultures for those involved. Candidates with a passion for their project country and who are sufficiently prepared to take advantage of the opportunity ICWA is offering , have the best chance of being awarded an ICWA fellowship. Extensive professional experience in the proposed area is not always necessary; fellowships are aimed at developing advanced knowledge and professional skills, not necessarily awarding research or reporting opportunities to those who already possess them. Given ICWA's interest in achieving wide geographic distribution over time, they generally are less inclined to select projects in countries where they currently or very recently have had fellows. They are naturally drawn to areas of the world and topics that are less well understood and are relevant to the United States. Candidates are encouraged to browse ICWA’s archives to see the kind of projects that the institute has supported

Topics highlighted in 2018:

- The spread of populism

- Threats to peace and security

- Migration

- Brexit

- Environment

- Post-conflict societies

- The transformation of rural villages

- The effects of technology and innovation on society



- ICWA expects candidates to have the necessary language skills to allow to them to carry out their proposed project. Candidates proposing to go to China, Russia, Indonesia, India or Brazil, for example, should have proficiency in Chinese, Russian, Bahasa, Hindi (or another relevant language) or Portuguese

- Candidates must be under 36 years of age at the time of the due date for the initial letter of interest

- U.S. citizenship is not a requirement, but candidates must show strong and credible ties to U.S. society

- Applicants must have excellent written and spoken English-language skills and must have completed the current phase of their formal education

- ICWA doesn’t not accept applications from currently enrolled undergraduate students


Wage:  The institute provides full financial support for its fellows and their immediate, accompanying families. “Full financial support” does not mean that ICWA provides a salary or stipend to its fellows.  Rather, the institute provides them with sufficient funding to cover their expenses, enabling them to fulfill the purposes of the fellowship and allowing them and their families (if accompanying the fellowship) to live in good health and reasonable comfort


Application process: Those interested in applying for an Institute of Current World Affairs Fellowship should send an initial Letter of Interest and a resume or CV to the institute via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The strongest applicants will be invited to submit a more detailed application

Useful links: link to the offer

link to the website


Contact information:

1779 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Suite 605
Washington, DC 20036

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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If you have good writing skills and if you are a natural communicator, able to present ideas clearly both verbally and written, BBC has the right opportunity for you! Apply now for this Communications Traineeship


For more opportunities go to Other Opportunities


Organization/Company: The BBC is the largest broadcasting organisation in the world. Its mission is to enrich people's lives with programmes that inform, educate and entertain. It is a public service broadcaster, established by a Royal Charter and funded by the licence fee that is paid by UK households. The BBC uses the income from the licence fee to provide services including 8 national TV channels plus regional programming, 10 national radio stations, 40 local radio stations and an extensive website. BBC World Service broadcasts to the world on radio, on TV and online, providing news and information in 27 languages. The BBC also has a commercial arm, BBC Worldwide. Its profits are returned to the BBC for investment in new programming and services.

Organization's values:

- Trust is the foundation of the BBC: they are independent, impartial and honest

- Audiences are at the heart of everything they do

- They take pride in delivering quality and value for money

- Creativity is the lifeblood of their organisation

- They respect each other and celebrate diversity so that everyone can give their best


Duty Station:  London - New Broadcasting House, United Kingdom


Open To: All citizens meeting the requirements


Timeframe: unspecified


Deadline: 26 April, 2018


Job description: BBC is looking for four bright, creative and enthusiastic trainees to work in their communications team for a year. This role will be London based but will require the ability to spend time working on projects throughout the rest of the UK.

BBC Communications tells the BBC’s story to audiences across the UK and the World. They highlight the fantastic programmes and content on BBC TV, radio and online, and defend the BBC’s corporate reputation when necessary. They speak to journalists, members of the public, and key influencers in British culture, so they know what the BBC is doing and why. With no two days the same, the team work at the centre of the BBC in an exciting, high-profile environment.

The candidate will work in a variety of different teams within the communications profession, spending a couple of months with each one. He/she could find himself/herself assisting with the launch of the latest season of Strictly, helping out at events like Radio One’s Big Weekend or supporting teams working on publicity campaigns for new TV and radio programmes. Candidate do not need any previous communications work experience – he’ll take part in a year-long training programme alongside its day-to-day duties, and he’ll be assigned his own mentor.  Candidate do need to show that he is hard-working, have lots of potential, and love the BBC


Qualifications: The ideal candidate for this role will have an interest in developing a career in Communications/PR or similar:

- Have good writing skills and a firm command of the rules of grammar.  Any copy writing experience would be advantageous

- Be a natural communicator, able to present ideas clearly both verbally and written, to colleagues of all levels

- Excellent and proven creativity – the ability to think laterally and outside the box, together with a hunger to constantly try new ideas and approaches will be integral to this role

- Good IT skills: familiarity with appropriate office applications - Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint as well as an understanding of and demonstrable interest in social media

Wage/Fees:  unspecified


Application process: click here to apply for this position


Useful links: link to the website

link to the offer


Contact information:

BBC London, 2nd Floor, Peel Wing, BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London, W1A 1AA

Phone: 020 7224 2000

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Are you interested in political and current affairs, the media, and digital communications? Max Wiltshire Ltd. - a search & selection consultancy focused exclusively on recruiting exceptional professional communicators - is looking for someone to fill in the junior public affairs role. Don’t wait any longer: apply now!


For more opportunities go to Other Opportunities


Organization/Company: Max Wiltshire Ltd. is a boutique search and selection consultancy dedicated to issues led communications, with special expertise in public affairs recruitment.

They recruit professional communicators who manage reputations, engage parliamentarians, direct media strategies, and influence opinion formers. Their areas of expertise include Public Affairs and Government Relations, Stakeholder Engagement, Media Relations, Public Relations, Reputation Management, and External Affairs.

Their clients include leading communications consultancies, major listed companies, household name charities, and public sector bodies.

Max Wiltshire Ltd. partners with clients to solve their communications recruitment and talent puzzles. The first step in this partnership is identifying the problem that needs to be solved, and finding the best approach to solve it.


Duty Station:  Central London


Open To: Everyone with a passion for political and current affairs, the media, and digital communications


Timeframe: Not mentioned


Deadline: Not mentioned


Job description: Max Wiltshire Ltd. is looking for a professional figure to play a junior public affairs role for their company. The successful candidate can expect to work across a range of clients including major financial services institutions, retailers, and travel and consumer-facing corporates. They can also expect to work across the full range of corporate communications including media relations, policy developments, and digital communications, but with an emphasis on public affairs.

Max Wiltshire Ltd. has a well-earned reputation as an excellent place to work; they provide their junior staff with industry leading training and development opportunities. They enjoy a very low staff turnover rate.

This junior public affairs role is an excellent and unusual opportunity to join one of the leading names in communications at an exciting time in their development.



- Passion for political and current affairs, the media, and digital communications

- Experience within politics, Parliament, a communications consultancy or in-house role, or within a related field (e.g. think tank, research institute, etc.)

- Excellent writing skills, including the ability to quickly produce high-quality written briefings and papers for both internal and external consumption

- Ability to work well within a team environment


Wage/Fees:  £22,000 to £27,000 per year


Application process: To apply, you must go to the opportunity link, and to the left bottom of the page you will find the application button, that will let you submit your CV after filling in the fields requiring your name and surname.


Useful information: Max Wiltshire Ltd. believes in forming an honest, candid, and consultative relationship with their candidates, founded on the basis of confidentiality and trust. They get to know you as a person. The company’s ethos is to treat each candidate as an individual and to get to grips with what makes you tick before they recommend any potential roles to you.


Useful links:

Link to the offer

More Max Wiltshire Ltd. opportunities


Contact information:

Max Wiltshire Ltd.

Communications House

26 York Street



Telephone: 020 7760 7645

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The Permanent Court of Arbitration is offering an internship for legal training in public and private international law. What are you waiting for!? Apply now!


For more opportunities go to International Organizations


Organization/Company: Established in 1899 to facilitate arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution between states, the PCA has developed into a modern, multi-faceted arbitral institution that is now perfectly situated at the juncture between public and private international law to meet the rapidly evolving dispute resolution needs of the international community.

The PCA is an intergovernmental organization dedicated to serving the international community in the field of dispute resolution. It recruits and employs staff based on the highest standards of competence, integrity, and efficiency.


Duty Station: The Hague, Netherlands


Open to: Recently graduated law school with top marks. However, applications are also accepted from law students who are entering their final year of law school, as well as recent graduates who have some professional experience or are engaging in advanced law studies.


Timeframe: PCA Internships last for three months and start at the beginning of January, April, July, and October. PCA-ICCA internships also last for three months, starting in January, April, and October.   



- 1 September for Term 1, Jan-Mar

- 1 December for Term 2, Apr-Jun

- 1 March for Term 3, Jul-Sept

- 1 June for Term 4, Oct-Dec


Description: Internships are offered by the PCA to law students and recent graduates who wish to gain experience at an international arbitration institution. Internships offer a balance of legal and administrative assignments, allowing interns to gain insight into both the legal and practical aspects of international arbitration.

In addition to internships with the PCA’s International Bureau, the PCA also offers an internship in association with the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA). PCA-ICCA interns will undertake legal research, legal editing and organizational tasks, including work on ICCA publications, ICCA outreach projects (such as ICCA’s work worldwide on harmonization in the implementation of the 1958 New York Convention) and Young ICCA seminars and projects. PCA-ICCA interns do not engage in arbitration case work conducted under the auspices of the PCA.



- Successful internship candidates are usually those who have recently graduated law school with top marks. However, applications are also accepted from law students who are entering their final year of law school, as well as recent graduates who have some professional experience or are engaging in advanced law studies

- Fluency in either French or English is essential. Additional language skills are a strong advantage, especially Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish

- Candidates need not have a specialization in international dispute resolution or public international law, but should at least have demonstrated an interest in these fields


Required documents:

- A carefully written cover letter that indicates how you expect to benefit from the program, how you can contribute to the PCA and a brief description of areas of interest and knowledge of law

- A curriculum vitae

- A letter of recommendation from a professor or senior professional

- Copies of academic transcripts (scans or photos are sufficient)

- Proof of proficiency in English or French (for non-native speakers).


How to apply: Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating the desired start date in the subject line and attaching a single PDF comprising an application package with the above-mentioned documents.


Useful Information: Internships are self-funded. An intern must have adequate financial resources and health insurance for the term to be eligible.

If you are selected and you require a travel visa to take up the internship, the PCA will provide documentation in support of your application.

Although interns are not formally considered staff members of the PCA, they participate in the PCA’s activities as members of the International Bureau.


Useful links:

Link to the offer

PCA website


Contact information:

Permanent Court of Arbitration

Peace Palace

Carnegieplein 2

2517 KJ The Hague

The Netherlands

T: +31 70 302 4165

F: +31 70 302 4167

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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The applications are only evaluated three times a year and this is an amazing opportunity to join leading think tank - CEPS


For more similar opportunities visit our section Europe


Organization: Founded in Brussels in 1983, CEPS is a leading think tank and forum for debate on EU affairs, with an exceptionally strong in-house research capacity and an extensive network of partner institutes throughout the world. The CEPS team comprises approximately 60 researchers and 18 support staff from 23 nationalities as well as an extensive network of partner institutes.CEPS is a non-profit international association under Belgian law (AISBL). It is governed by its statutes.

Our board is composed of independent personalities with broad research and policy experience, representing their individual views only. The board provides the strategic direction of the organisation and supervises its independence, the work of the management team and the financial performance of the organisation.


Duty station: Brussels, Belgium


Deadline: The application system is open throughout the year, but the applications are only evaluated three times a year (1 March, 1 June, 1 October)


Description: This is the official internship application system for CEPS. Internship applications will only be considered via this system. Only interns enrolled at a university are eligible to do an internship. There are a limited number of internship positions available and not all units take interns regularly. The application system is open throughout the year, but the applications are only evaluated three times a year (1 March, 1 June, 1 October). Selected candidates will be contacted a few weeks after this.

Requirements: students enrolled at a university


Wage: not specified


Useful links: CEPS

Internship application form


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Is European Union the your career perspective? here is the opportunity for you! Apply now at European Local Democracy Association and start your career in the EU!


For other opportunities visit our section  Europe


Organization: The European Association for Local Democracy is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the promotion of good European governmental forms and citizen participation at local level. The Association was founded on the initiative of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe in 1999. ALDA focuses on those activities that facilitate and improve cooperation between local authorities and civil society. The fundamental element on which the whole Association is based is to create links and cohesion between local democracies and local governance, all to ensure not only equity but also the protection of human rights and social and economic growth. ALDA works simultaneously on several topics such as European integration, civic initiatives, volunteering, decentralization, human rights and sustainable economic development. ALDA's activities can be divided into three major areas, ALDA Europe, which mainly deals with the European zone and promotes active citizenship in close cooperation with local authorities, ALDA Cooperation, which focuses on both Balkan and Mediterranean Southern Caucasus area, and finally ALDA Plus, which provides assistance, training and consulting on a number of issues including financial development and management


Duty Station: location depends on covered position 


Open to: Students and Graduates who meet requirements


Timeframe: The duration of internship may vary from two to six months depending on the position for which you are applying


Deadline: Not specified


Job Description: ALDA is looking for a number of interns to be included in its staff at the various locations in the Association, the available positions are as follows:

Project Developer Assistant: The intern will work under the supervision of the Research and Development Department Coordinator, in particular he will deal with Fundraising and Development projects

Project Manager Assistant: The intern will work in the Project Management sector under the direct supervision of the Project Manager in Brussels. In this area, applications for Erasmus students from non-French universities are encouraged

Assistant Project Manager: The intern will work at the HQ in Strasbourg under the leadership of the Head of the Development Program and the Coordinator for the Mediterranean Area, an essential requirement is knowledge of the French language

Project Manager Assistant: The trainee will work closely with the ALDA Head Office in the Republic of Macedonia and will particularly assist with communication with the offices

Assistant to the Secretary General: The intern will arrange events and meetings, plan operators' missions, write and translate documents

Communications support: The intern will work on drafting and translating texts and documents, updating databases, supporting Fundraising activities, and submitting ALDA during conferences and meetings

Project Assistant: The intern will prepare and write necessary documents and texts, take care of relations with the various partners and take part in project coordination


Requirements: All candidates interested in the different positions of the stage must have the following requirements:

- Being students or graduates in Political Science, Law, Sociology or having a background of knowledge in related subjects

- Excellent knowledge of both spoken and spoken English

- Excellent knowledge of another EU language of choice between French, Spanish, German and Dutch

- Knowledge of the Arabic or Russian language is considered a plus

- Excellent skills in the use of pc

- Excellent knowledge of social media

- Excellent knowledge of communication tools

- Excellent ability to work in a team


Wage: Not specified


Application Process: All interested candidates will have to send their CV in English updated and a motivational letter to the email (see Useful Contacts)


Link Utili:

ALDA Official Website

Internship opportunities

Mail for applications


Contatti Utili:

Office in Strasbourg

Council of Europe 1, avenue de l'Europe

F-67075 Strasbourg - France

Phone: +33 3 90 21 45 93

Fax: +33 3 90 21 55 17

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Office in Brussels

Rue Belliard 20 Bruxelles 1040 Belgium

Phone: +32 (0)2 430 24 08

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Office in Vicenza

Viale Milano 66 - 36100 Vicenza - Italy

Phone: +39 04 44 54 01 46

Fax: +39 04 44 23 10 43

Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Office in Skopje

Bld. Partizanski odredi 43B/1-5

1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Phone: +389 (0) 2 6091 060

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Office in Subotica

Trg Cara Jovana Nenada 15

SRB-24000 Subotica - Serbia

Phone: +381 24 554 587

Fax: +381 24 554 587



Edited by Jasmina Poddi


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