"The challenge of education and communication in Palestine"

How the Embassy of Palestine in Italy is trying to face with occupation problem and society issues

Carolina Zincone works at the Embassy of Palestine in Italy as a responsible of media and communication. In this role she aims to raise awareness on what’s going on in Palestine. In fact she said that: It is crucial to know”. Her first aim is to spread knowledge on the situation in Palestine. The difficult they find in communication is the unfair game of other ambassadors; very often when it is an initiative organised by an NGO, for example Gaza and West Bank, the communication of the other states is strong and direct. She thinks instead that it is important to let people know what’s going on and not to forbid other people initiatives. She said: “The problem is that you try to communicate but then there is a sort of censorship of what you do”.

She talks in particular about education and what problems students have to face with everyday such as army aggression, school demolition and several unjustified attacks, but the main problem is the occupation that causes students difficulties not only in their studies but also in their lives because they lost their parents and friends , who were killed by occupants.

What the Embassy does, is not simply talking about people that have been killed or people that have been arrested, they want to say that the Palestinian people have many things that could be considered, they have a lot to say and to show and this occupation is an obstacle to this , and they shouldn’t be considered only as victims.

 About her work, Carolina Zincone was firstly a volunteer of UN , she said volunteering is a great experience , very interesting , they try to listen to your wishes, try to send you to place that you’re interested in and ask you to do things that you are suitable for. It is really interesting because you are in touch with local population we learn many things and I suggest to anyone interested in the work of international organisations should try to have this experience.

So it is important to know and be aware of what it is going on, in order to find out solutions and to give help. It is important to get information about conflicts around the world and to try to solve them with the aim of respect human rights and dignity.


Valeria Passaro

Emerson Caetano

Becoma a communication delegate for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Fantastic opportunity to develop communication strategies for the ICRC's humanitarian mandate


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Organization: International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) focus its work on the communication. Communication is key to ensure respect for the life and dignity of people affected by armed conflict and other situations of violence. Hundreds of field communication experts enhance the ICRC's acceptance by populations and authorities and contribute to facilitate access to people in need. Our communicators reinforce ICRC messages calling for behaviour change by groups and states involved in armed conflict and armed violence. Powerful field communication helps our organization to influence decision-makers and the public at large by shaping the debate on the need to protect people in war, and it generates financial and other support for the ICRC


Duty Station: All over the world


Open to: People with all the qualifications


Timeframe:  Not specified


Deadline: Not specified


Job description: New communication delegate for ICRC. The communication delegate is a specialist who provides an ICRC delegation with the expertise and means to analyse perceptions and communication needs, and who proposes, implements, updates and evaluates communication strategies at local, national and regional level. The objective is to ensure the necessary understanding and support of the ICRC and its humanitarian action, as well as knowledge and respect of international humanitarian law (IHL), facilitating access to the victims of armed conflict and the support of those who determine their fate. Activities range from strategy development, to the production of communication tools (AV, publications, Web content and social media platforms), media relations and IHL teaching programmes for the military, universities and schools.
- Liaise with ICRC operations in defining priorities and provide technical support, training and advice to all staff involved in communication
- Develop communication strategies aimed at building and managing networks
- Carry out specially tailored presentations and workshops for specific target audiences such as arms carriers, local leaders, beneficiaries of ICRC humanitarian action
- Carry out target group analysis for monitoring and impact assessment of communication activities
- Ensure the availability and distribution of relevant communication material (printed, online and audiovisual)
- Support the local Red Cross or Red Crescent national society in the development of its own communication
- Commitment to the ICRC's humanitarian mandate



- Ideal age: 25 to 40 years years old
- Very good command of English and French. Knowledge of another ICRC working language used in the field (Spanish, Arabic or Russian) is a strong advantage
- Minimum of 2 years professional experience in communication-related positions eg. multimedia journalist, spokesperson, public relations officer)
- International experience with a humanitarian organization is an advantage
- University degree relevant to communication is a distinct asset eg. journalism, mass-media, public relations, film making and photography)
- Knowledge of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement an asset
- Fully conversant with common IT tools, in particular with multimedia tools


Wage/fees: Not specified


Application process: Apply here


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Communication delegate


Contact information:

 19 Avenue de la paix
1202 Geneva
Tel: +41 22 734 60 01
Fax: +41 22 733 20 57


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