Would you like to pursue an amazing career and join the next generation of global leaders?

BHMS is definitely the best choice for you! By choosing BHMS, you are choosing education that combines academics with professional development and real-life work experience, thus gaining a solid foundation to achieve your individual career goals.

More than 7,000 students from all over the world study in one of the numerous hotel management schools in Switzerland. The safety and quality of life in Switzerland, its cultural and linguistic diversity as well as its location in the centre of Europe have made the country attractive to those who are interested in launching a career in the global hotel and tourism industry.


BHMS, located in the heart of Luzern, is a member of the Bénédict Switzerland group of schools, founded in 1928 whose mission is to provide higher education for adults with a desire to succeed.

At BHMS Luzern campus, about 900 students per year have the opportunity to prepare for their future managerial roles in the hotel and hospitality industry and global business. BHMS in collaboration with Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen (RGU), UK and City University of Seattle, USA, offers a Bachelor of Arts degree, an MBA/PGD diploma and an MBA degree. All together they work hard to allow students to achieve the best possible outcome for the quality of their educational programs.

Why to study at BHMS?

1 – Dual awards with top-ranked Brititsh and American University partners

2 – Guaranteed annual industry training in Switzerland or abroad

3 – Personal development directed towards young people’s talents and potential, full support with employment all around the world.

4 – Transferrable skills across different professions.

5 – Situated in the heart of Switzerland’s most visited city: Lucerne.

6 – Attractive all-inclusive tuition structure with no “hidden” charges.


BHMS Programs

BHMS provides students with different study branches mainly focused on Hospitality and Global Management Programs and Culinary Arts Programs.


The BA in Hotel and Hospitality Management program provides the students with an academic qualification that is attractive to potential employers, the skills and ability to enter the working world, and a 'tool box' that can be applied to a range of careers in the hospitality industry. Graduates may become accomplished managers, capable of working across a range of public and private enterprises including leisure facilities, hotels, theme parks, conferences, exhibitions and event management. Core knowledge is covered by lectures and tutorials, supported by guided reading and additional materials on the virtual campus Moodle. Particular care is taken to use the most effective teaching and assessment methods for each module.


The BA in Global Business Management program provides the students with an academic qualification and a set of skills that are attractive to potential employers across a range of global business sectors in fields such as international sales and marketing; finance and controlling; banking; human resources.  Graduates may become accomplished managers in areas such as operations management, supply chain management and administrator positions in government and NGOs. The program uses a range of teaching methods to facilitate learning. Core knowledge is covered by lectures and tutorials, supported by guided reading and additional materials on the virtual campus Blackboard.


These Programs are comprised of three study terms of 20 weeks each plus three periods of 4-6 months paid industry training in Switzerland or abroad.


The BA in Culinary Arts, builds on students’ existing culinary competencies and experience to deepen and hone practical, leadership and business skills. Highlights of the program include inter-disciplinary management food service operations, including customer service, resource planning and management. New product development, molecular cuisine, technology applications and managing teams in the kitchen labs additionally provide a solid foundation in a variety of skill areas, before students progress to their final industry placement and graduate positions.


Students who aim at specialized and highly professional careers can decide to keep on studying by attending one of the 2 years BHMS higher diploma and postgraduate diploma both in Hospitality and Global Management Programs and Culinary Arts Programs.


The most frequented programs by the Italian students are: the M.Sc. in International Hospitality Business Management, which is a programme designed to enable graduates, or those wishing to develop their career path, the opportunity to enhance their hospitality knowledge and capabilities with a higher qualification which can accelerate career progression. It develops core management knowledge and competencies needed for a successful hospitality career; and the MBA in Hospitality Management or in Global/Business Management. This 24-month MBA Degree is a joint program between BHMS Switzerland and City University of Seattle, USA. It is specifically designed for graduates holding Bachelor Degrees in service or non-service specializations who are aiming to join the global tourism industry or the service sector. The program comprises two study blocks of 6 month followed by two paid internship periods of 6 months in Switzerland. During internship periods, students are required to complete their MBA thesis as well as additional MBA capstone courses and workshops.


In order for BHMS to assess your program and transfer credit points, please send an updated CV with your school certificates, diplomas, degrees, all transcripts and any employment references letters, as well as a copy of your passport picture page to BHMS: by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  There are also scholarships available dedicated to the Anniversary of BHMS and Benedict Education Group, to be confirmed after having received a CV.

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Would you like to experience a training experience with a European institution? Would you like to engage in improving the conditions of the European business sector? This is your chance and apply now!

For other similar opportunities visit our section Europe


Organization: EuCham is a new international room organization devoted to building future business leaders. The privately organized, independent, non-governmental institution, which represents the interest of national and international companies active in Europe by improving the business environment in which they are active. The main objectives of the institution are:

- Enhancing the visibility and reputation of companies and of the private sector in general

- Information, networking (interaction and establishment of new contacts)

- Creation of new business opportunities

Creating venues for thematic and interdisciplinary discussions

- Elaborating innovative and high-calibre proposals for the improvement of company/territory/society relationships

- Contributing to the ethical development of the economic actors with education and guidance

- Promoting to the media the reputation and the prestige of the business world

- Promoting networking between companies


Duty sation: non specified


Deadline: Open


Open to: Students


Job Description: Selected candidates will be required to perform the following tasks:

- project coordination (international arbitration framework, business incubation, international funding, sustainability, etc.)

- meetings and seminars

- presentations and reports

- legal research

- social media management

- personal assistance to the management of the institution

- general case management


Requirements: Ideal candidates must meet the following requirements:

- business/social/legal/sustainability/environmental studies (students and graduates as well)

- fluent English, both written and spoken

- excellent communication, organizational and presentation skills

- team player, quick learner

- self-motivation, highly proactive attitude

- willingness to assume responsibility

- computer literacy, precision, attention to detail


Fee:  THe offers does not specificied if payment or reimboursement will be provided


Application Process: Applications must be sent to the email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., enclosing a CV in English (with photo), a cover letter and specifying details of the desired internship (period, scholarship, etc.)


Useful Links:

Vacancy Page

EUcham Official Website


Useful Contacts:

EuCham CEE

Via Terza Armata 117/4

34170 Gorizia - Italy

Tel. +39 0481 199 5533

Fax +39 0481 199 0242

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Edited by Gregory Marinucci

The editorial staff of carriereinternazionali.com is not responsible for the reliability of the information contained in this article. If you want any further information concerning this vacancy, please contact the proposing organization



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Il mio 2017: QUEST’ANNO farò un’esperienza internazionale, vado in CINA! Quali sono i tuoi nuovi propositi per questo 2017?


L’anno nuovo è appena iniziato, ed è il momento di arricchire le proprie conoscenze ed affrontare entusiasmanti avventure. Si tirano le somme dell’anno appena passato e molto spesso ci si accorge del tempo perso. Ci sono quasi sempre sogni rimasti chiusi nel cassetto che per mancanza di tempo o di voglia non sono stati compiuti, ma quest’anno si cambia sul serio. Nuovo anno, nuovo me.

Tra i più comuni buoni propositi prefissati, la maggior parte degli studenti e laureati vorrebbero migliorare le loro conoscenze specifiche, approfondendo se stessi e crescere culturalmente. Avere conoscenze lavorative all’estero costruisce un solido scheletro professionale che dimostra versatilità, consapevolezza culturale, pensiero multidisciplinare e molte altre abilità altamente ricercate nel mondo del lavoro.

Inoltre si ha la possibilità’ di vivere un’esperienza unica, soprattutto quando si è in contatto con nuove culture.

Per i più ambiziosi, gli avventurieri o per coloro che hanno semplicemente bisogno di cambiare aria, ecco un’idea su come investire nel proprio futuro quest’anno. 

Perché non osare e buttarsi nel dinamico mondo cinese, e rifornirsi di esperienza professionale nel settore in cui si preferisce.

 CRCC Asia e’ il provider principale di pluripremiati programmi di formazione e stage in Cina e nel Regno Unito, che già da 10 anni offre molte possibilità in 14 settori di stage diversi e collabora con oltre 600 aziende sia cinesi che internazionali. Avrai la possibilità si scegliere di svolgere i programmi fra le tre città più dinamiche della Cina, Pechino, Shanghai, Shenzhen e Manchester per una durata che va da 1 a 3 mesi.

 Sono in molti infatti, che continuano a puntare al successo del mercato cinese con il China Internship Program di CRCC Asia proprio perché la Cina continua ad affrontare una profonda trasformazione di avanzamento economico e di innovazione.

Anche i più scettici si sono convinti che il mercato cinese può rappresentare uno sbocco fondamentale per la carriera lavorativa e crescita culturale personale proprio perché è altamente complessa e difficile da decifrare per le aziende occidentali.

Il mondo del lavoro diventa sempre più competitivo e limitarsi ad avere una laurea o conoscere una lingua straniera non basta ad impressionare.

La differenza culturale, il distacco della lingua sono elementi che contribuiscono alla questione relativa alla capacità di inserirsi nel mercato cinese.

Per questo il vantaggio di fare un’esperienza in Cina sta nel riuscire a fare da tramite fra due culture e collegare i mercati.

Sei invece più Interessato ad avere un'esperienza formativa e professionale di stage in Europa? Manchester, nel Regno Unito, allora potrebbe fare al caso tuo.

Il Manchester Internship Program è un nuovissimo ed innovativo programma di CRCC Asia, le partenze saranno per questa estate. Manchester e’ il centro economico della regione (del Greater Manchester) e sta diventando una delle più importanti location nel Regno Unito per ricerca, sviluppo, innovazione ed eccellenza accademica.
Scopri maggiori informazioni qui.


E’ l’anno in cui bisogna uscire dai propri schemi e buttarsi verso orizzonti nuovi ma soprattutto ripaganti. Se sei in cerca di un'opportunità di riscatto lavorativo, poter acquisire nuove skills o rendere il curriculum più interessante scopri i programmi che CRCC Asia ha in salvo per te.

Candidati ORA per un’esperienza che ti cambierà la vita!

Price Waterhouse Coopers, network internazionale, leader nei servizi professionali alle imprese,  offre stage retribuiti a brillanti laureandi in economia. Candidati ora! Opportunità aperte tutto l’anno nei gruppi Audit!


Per opportunità simili visita la sezione Altre Opportunità!


Ente: PwC - Price Waterhouse Coopers -  è un network internazionale leader nei servizi professionali alle imprese con l’obiettivo di costruire solide relazioni basate su collaborazione, qualità del servizio, integrità e rispetto reciproco fra le imprese. L’organizzazione è presente in 157 paesi, con oltre 208.000 professionisti impegnati a dare risposte innovative e di qualità alle problematiche complesse delle aziende con cui collabora. In Italia PWC comprende circa 4.000 persone presenti in 22 città. La grande forza del network è quella di saper abbinare la conoscenza dei mercati locali ad un’organizzazione di respiro globale attraverso quattro linee di servizio: Assurance, Consulting, Deals, Tax and Legal. I gruppi di Audit di PWC hanno come obiettivo quello di esprimere un giudizio professionale indipendente circa la veridicità e correttezza di un bilancio, si tratta di una parte rilevante dell’attività del revisore che è dedicata alla formazione e all’aggiornamento: è importante conoscere a fondo le società clienti, il mercato nel quale esse operano ed i relativi rischi di business per poter operare al meglio!


Dove: In tutta Italia


Destinatari: Laureandi in economia


Quando: Candidature aperte tutto l’anno!


Scadenza: Open


Descrizione dell’offerta: Lo stagista verrà inserito nel team di audit per la verifica della correttezza dei dati di bilancio e delle procedure dell'aziende clienti. Fra le principali mansioni lo stagista si occuperà di:

- partecipare a visita di consulenza presso i clienti PWC

- attività di analisi del sistema di controllo interno

-  effettuare verifiche finalizzate alla revisione del bilancio


Requisiti: Il candidato ideale deve possedere i seguenti requisiti:

- essere un laureando in Economia

- avere una buona conoscenza della lingua inglese

- forte motivazione per l’attività professionale

- avere ottime capacità relazionali, comunicative e di problem solving

- possedere ottime capacità organizzativa e predisposizone a lavoro in team

- disponibilità ad effettuare trasferte su tutto il territorio nazionale


Documenti richiesti: Non specificato, eventuale documentazione sarà chiesta al momento della candidatura


Retribuzione: Lo stage è retribuito


Guida all’Application: E’ possibile candidarsi a questa offerta a questo link dopo aver completato la procedura di iscrizione


Informazioni utili: La prima impressione è quella che conta e l’application form è la miglior opportunità per farti conoscere. Ti suggeriamo quindi di:

- inserire più informazioni possibili per facilitare la ricerca del tuo profilo

- compilare con precisione i campi riguardanti gli studi universitari

- aggiungere le informazioni sulle tue precedenti esperienze di lavoro

- indicare l’area aziendale e la sede di lavoro di tuo maggior interesse

- controllare di aver inserito correttamente tutti i tuoi recapiti telefonici e il tuo indirizzo e-mail

- allegare la copia più aggiornata e dettagliata del tuo curriculum


Link utili:

Link alla call



Pagina contatti



A cura di Marta Della Monaca

La redazione carriereinternazionali.com declina ogni responsabilità sull’attendibilità delle informazioni contenute nella scheda. Per informazioni in merito all’opportunità, contattare l’ente proponente.



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The second edition of the Business Game is waiting for you!


After a great success of the first edition, the Rome Business Game remains one of four projects of the International Careers Festival 2017. This project is especially focused on the world of business, marketing and business management and its aim is to engage students and graduate students interested in economic matters, excited to test themselves getting in touch with the most important business and economic realities. For more information, please visit our website http://www.internationalcareersfestival.org/static/5/rome-business-game/presentation


Around 300 places are available for the Rome Business Game and 30 scholarships have been made available by the Giovani nel Mondo Association. Future candidates will be divided into two categories: a Junior Team, especially designed for high school and university students studying up to the first year of master, and an Expert Team, for students at their senior year or graduated students.


The Rome Business Game is a unique opportunity for professional and personal growth, winners of both teams, in fact, will have the chance to start their own career. For the Junior Team offers for an internship will be made available by some important companies while members of the Expert Team will be recruited for an internship in some major international companies.


Participants will have the opportunity to meet business and marketing experts, acting as judges, as they propose innovative solutions/products to challenges presented by those same experts. They will also be developing and refining a set of soft skills which are often overlooked yet essential for career success: learning the techniques for proper business management, analysis and insight of business dynamics, team working, and practical problem solving. The Rome Business Game allows participants to take part in a truly multicultural environment, working in English and developing managerial and technical skills which are extremely important in today’s competitive international job market.


Some profit and no-profit associations made great contribution to the first edition of the Rome Business Game. Some of them are: UNICEF, Save the Children, Deloitte, Sara Assicurazioni, Rainbow and Hilton Waldorf Astoria. This year Alitalia is one of the most important official partners of the Festival which will offer delegates some new exciting challenges and precious opportunities to start an internship in their agencies. What about the other official partners of this second edition?

Follow us on our website http://www.internationalcareersfestival.org/  don’t miss  any news about our Festival!


The International Careers Festival is coming and the Program Director of this second edition of the Business Game, Luca Marco Giraldin von Lahnstein welcomes all new candidates! Read his message on http://www.internationalcareersfestival.org/dynamic/12/social-events/il-program-director-del-rome-business-game-2017-vi-d%C3%A0-il-benvenuto/86/b

Moreover, selections are open for officials willing to supervise the Rome Business Game! Are you ready to put yourself out there? Visit our website and discover the offer on http://www.internationalcareersfestival.org/dynamic/12/social-events/cerchiamo-tutor-per-il-rome-business-game!/87/b 

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The full-time International MBA is a master program, completely held in English language, addressed to young talents from Italy and abroad. The participants will experience a very challenging environment and will

gain real-world skills to be successful players in the global competition. The International MBA program provides students with an international Faculty and the best from the Italian way to do business in the world. The International MBA is open to highly motivated candidates with at least 2 years of work experience, proved interest in operating in international and multicultural environments, and particularly willing to achieve executive positions in medium-sized highly specialized multinational companies.


Program keywords

- Internationalization of processes and competencies

- 360° managerial competencies with a main focus on internationalization, such as International Human Resources, International Management, and Intercultural Business Negotiation

- Leadership tools to develop soft skills and effectively interact with international buyers, colleagues, competitors

- Engaging with the World meetings to learn to approach different countries.


Why choose CUOA Business School’s International MBA

- Business in practice: Business Games, Business Plans

- Visits to leading companies that represent the finest “Made in Italy”


- Creativity and Innovation Labs at illycaffè and Brunello Cucinelli

- 3 months project works on real business cases with companies operating in international markets

- The opportunity to live Italian art and culture, nature, sport and relaxation activities, fashion and craftsmanship

- Country-based Scholarship Program aiming to promote international diversity and facilitate enrolment of talented individuals from developing and emerging economies.


Duration and schedule

3rd edition: 2016, November 9th - 2017, July 28th

9 months, full time program: over 400 hours of in-class lectures.


CUOA Business School

CUOA is a leading Business School and one of the most active centers in Italy for the development and promotion of managerial and entrepreneurial skills. One of the most distinctive features of CUOA Business School is its history and its strong, rooted connection to the territory, which can boast excellent entrepreneurs and executives. Not only do over 3.500 local businesses collaborate with the Business School, but CUOA has also developed collaborations with foreign partners in order to offer successful international training courses which have been attended by students from  different countries and led to the development of many projects in various parts of the globe.


More information here  http://cuoainternationalmba.pagedemo.co/

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The Victor H. Loewenstein Scholarship is awarded to one student on full-time MBA programme, in order to enhance the international nature of the MBA programme


Organization: The University of Edinburgh Business School enjoys a long tradition of teaching and research. The School offers undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education programmes in business and management and provides a platform for research, discussion and debate on a wide range of business issues


Duty Station: Edinburgh


Open to: Only full-time MBA students from outside UK


Timeframe: One scholarship is awarded every year  


Deadline: Not specified


Job description: Victor H Loewenstein generously donates an annual Scholarship to a candidate from outside of the UK in order to enhance the international profile of the Edinburgh MBA. Mr. Loewenstein is an alumnus of the University of Edinburgh. During his student years he was involved with AIESEC and was shortly after graduation elected Secretary General of AIESEC International, in Geneva. Now, retired after close to a 40 year-career in Management Consulting, Mr. Loewenstein is happy to offer this support to an MBA student. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic merit and the benefits to the student



Candidates can only apply for a scholarship once they have received an offer (conditional or unconditional) to join the MBA programme and have either firmly accepted the offer or be intending to do so. The Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of: your academic merit and qualifications; the nature and level of your work experience; and your answers to the questions in our Scholarship Application Form.

Check here the entry requirements for the MBA  


Wage/fees: The scholarship has a value of £5,000 and will be deducted from tuition fees


Application process: If you wish to be considered for a scholarship you should submit a scholarship application form as soon as possible after receipt of an offer of a place on our MBA. You will be notified of the result of your scholarship application within a month of the deadline. To secure a scholarship, the successful applicant must have paid their programme deposit within two weeks of being offered the scholarship. Applicants who are fully sponsored by their employer or are in receipt of a full scholarship are not eligible for these scholarships. Apply online


Useful links:




Contact information:


The University of Edinburgh Business School

29 Buccleuch Place




This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Click here for further contact details


Edited by Tatiana Camerota

The editorial staff of carriereinternazionali.com is not responsible for the reliability of the information contained in this article. If you want any further information concerning this vacancy, please contact the proposing organization.


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